Snow angels: Villanova staff braves blizzard

Kerry Lester

Two snow days. Who could believe it? Local news stations were

comparing it to the Blizzard of ’96, which dumped nearly 30 inches of snow

on the Delaware Valley. Villanova students were in heaven, as

impromptu games of snow football popped up all over Sheehan beach,

Winger’s and Campus Corner made a fortune and girls had no problem

clearing their schedule to watch the two-hour “Joe Millionaire”


Although the University was officially closed, a campus

of more than 6,000 undergrads could not be completely shut down. While students’

lives may have been put on hold these last two days, there were some

who had to view the twenty-some inches as just another obstacle of their

daily journeys.

For instance, the cafeteria workers, many of whom converse

with students on a first-name basis. They were there, handing out

those hamburgers and hot dogs everyone complained about so much.

What’s more, although they should have been thanked for

coming to work at all, they apologized for the lack of variety. “I’m sorry, kids, there’ll be

better food tomorrow,” was not an uncommonly-heard phrase earlier in the week.

There is also the cleaning crew in the dormitories to consider. People

such as Nancy in Good Counsel, Evelyn in Stanford or Ignacio in

Simpson serve almost as substitute parents to residents during the

academic year. They are the smiling faces students see when they

leave for classes in the morning who are on their hands and knees

scrubbing, mopping, and disinfecting away to clean up the messes

Villanovans are too lazy or careless to do themselves. To add to

that, this weekend they were mopping up the water and salt that

gets tracked into the buildings during snowstorms.

With the campus on a heightened security alert, there have

been more Public Safety officers at Villanova than ever. Did they

take a break because of some snow? No way. These guys might not be

anybody’s favorite sight to see after a night at the Courts, but

they were there, working away.

Furthermore, with so much snow, who could forget the grounds

crew? Those guys who drive cranes and trucks with the shovels on

the front don’t just do it for kicks. They went above and beyond

their job description during this long weekend. One worker, Steve Buzzby,

parked his crane for 20 minutes to personally help a student dig her

car out of the snow – using only his bare hands.

So, with all the extra time Villanova students have been given

to do what their hearts desire, let us not forget those who give their

heart and soul to the University each and every day, regardless of the

weather. Thank you.