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Katy Perry’s “Smile” Album Cover

First Look at Katy Perry’s Newest Album “Smile”

A.J. Fezza, Co-Culture Editor August 26, 2020

On Aug. 5, international pop sensation Katy Perry spoke with moderator Madison Florence from the organization °1824 at a press conference for student journalists. °1824 is a network that focuses on connecting...

Who’s watching who in the Villanova Zoo?

Kerry Lester February 17, 2005

Construction on the Augustinian monastery is finished. Returning from Christmas break, I was delighted to find the rudimentary pedestrian walkway of yellow construction tape and cement blocks gone, and...

Christmas spirit, final anxiety

Kerry Lester December 8, 2004

'Twas the night before finals, And from Stanford to St. Mary, "Everything is quiet," Breathed a relieved Public Safety.The Dean's Listers were nestled all snug in their beds, While impeccable blue books...

Out of the closet and on campus

Kerry Lester November 18, 2004

Statistics prove one in 10 people to be homosexual. With a population of 7,000 undergraduate students, nearly 700 Villanovans could potentially be bisexual, lesbian, or gay. But how many are ready and...

Finishing up a victory lap

Kerry Lester October 28, 2004

Its' crunch time. This Saturday, after nearly four months of training, enduring shin splints, bruises and various other "battle wounds," I'll attempt to run the Marine Corps Marathon. However, this event...

The quest for the Villanova hoagie

Kerry Lester September 30, 2004

For the past few years, praise of Antonella's Italian Kitchen has been passed along by word of mouth, and rightly so.Take one step into this Conestoga Road restaurant, (across from the Wild Onion and Garrett...

Lester: Donkey or elephant: the dilemma

Kerry Lester September 30, 2004

"That's a great car.""Oh yeah. It would be even better, though, if there weren't a stupid donkey sticker on it. An elephant is way cooler."Believe it or not, 'Novans, these comments were made by members...

Lester: Positive over-seas experience

Kerry Lester September 9, 2004

The New York Times recently published an article reporting that at least 160,000 American college students each year spend time studying overseas.To me, this figure isn't surprising in the least, given...

Orientation nostalgia

Kerry Lester September 2, 2004

Walking with a friend on campus last weekend, I saw packs of freshmen in the midst of Orientation: playing ultimate Frisbee on Mendel field, experiencing the culinary delights of the Pit and chanting familiar...

Lester: Hearing Jane Roe in Ireland

Kerry Lester February 19, 2004

Last semester, I investigated the reasons behind Villanova's quiet decision not to administer any type of birth control to its students on campus. This semester, I am living in a faraway land where the...

Italian professor’s “Janus” set to hit U.S. bookstores

Kerry Lester January 15, 2004

It seems Professor Frank Salvatore, a Villanova Italian professor since 1991, defines the very word humility. He patiently sits in his office without an ounce of egotism or pride regarding his tremendous...

Lester: Service for a smile, hunger hard to ignore

Kerry Lester November 21, 2003

In the midst of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, I have found myself consumed with an ironic, yet disturbing problem. I'm convinced the Bartley Exchange ladies think I'm completely crazy, as everyday...

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