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Have you Accomplished an Aesthetic Autumn?

Vivi Melkonian
Unique fall sweaters and hair bows are perfect for achieving an autumn aesthetic.

As cold air rolls in and sweaters are pulled on, there are going to be several changes to the average individuals’ seasonal aesthetic. 

We’ve all heard of “hot girl summer,” but if you’re anything like me and enjoy the brisk temperature and colorful leaves falling to your feet, it’s time to review the ultimate starter pack for an “it girl” fall. 

But the real question is: Do you think you embodied the “aesthetic autumn” look this fall? 

Clothing trends change as the temperature degrees drop one by one. Villanova students have the opportunity to embody this main character persona while casually walking around campus. 

“A puffer vest with some jeans, and maybe even a hint of red, really completes the fall look,” freshman Jules Lee said. 

Lee said that most people on campus were ready for their fall outfits. She even had prepared some looks based on what she saw others wearing or what she saw on social media to be “in” this season. 

Freshman Dylan Dickensheets said that there were several new additions to fall fashion trends this year. 

According to Dickensheets, to fit the fall aesthetic, one has to embrace the fall weather. In this case, accessories are key in catching others’ attention and really enhancing an outfit. 

“I saw a lot of girls this year wearing cute headbands or using a ribbon to tie their hair in a cool style,” Dickensheets said. She also recommended making a purchase for short UGGs, which were popular last year and have successfully made a return. 

“I like to dress presentabl[y] to class, and seeing what others wear helps me enhance my own eye for fashion trends and style in general,” Dickensheets said. 

Now it’s time to match music with the seasonal atmosphere. As one struts through campus, headphones on and music blasting, one is going to want to update their playlist to fit the “it girl” fall. 


Student Lenna Reilly explained that Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan are artists that are rising in popularity and fit the vibe that encapsulates that fall feeling. 


“The Lumineers are always on [repeat] for me as I walk through campus to class,” Reilly said. 

Now, let’s add some spice to that look. The most integral part to any fall aesthetic is having a warm drink that fits comfortably in your hand as you walk from class to class. 

“The order that never fails in the fall is the classic pumpkin spice latte,” Reilly said. 

Some other popular favorites on students’ menus would include apple cider, a chai latte with extra cinnamon and maybe even a caramel coffee. 

Are you really capturing the full main character moment without showcasing your cute outfit, listening to music and sipping on a drink while walking throughout campus? 

My current claim to fame has been a large, iced apple cider paired with a pumpkin muffin served at Bartley Hall’s Holy Grounds. Nothing is better than a taste of fall as you get all of your homework done.

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