Dolan: Who’s next?

Mike Furno

Here we go again! Remember when this whole Iraq thing started? We were fighting in Afghanistan till everyone got bored, and then the press and the administration began discussing Iraq. Headlines started leaving bin Laden and Afghanistan and heading for Saddam and Iraq. I recall one magazine asking “Is Iraq next?” And I would have to answer affirmatively, “Yes it was.”

What worries me now is that there is talk in the air of other nations that must bear the consequences of their alleged support for terrorism, Iraq or any other sentiments that might be counter to U.S. foreign policy. Reported by the BBC on March 31, Colin Powell gave a speech to the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. threatening Syria and Iran. Powell stated, “Syria bears the responsibility for its actions and for their consequences.” We all know from all the other vague threats and speeches we have heard from this administration that Syria will one day be on the receiving end of some aggressive regime change.

Yes, I know that there is evidence that Syria has been either supplying or trying to supply weapons to Iraq in order to help fight the invading force, but this action really isn’t much different than our supplying weapons to Israel, a country that has far more U.N. resolution violations than Iraq does. (Not to mention an outstanding record of forced removal of civilians, the continued harassment of Palestinians, and the recent murder of an American!) Looking at it from Syria’s point of view perhaps our aid to Israel is just as damning as their aid to Iraq.

And why wouldn’t Iran be next? While we are cleaning up all the mess we have created in the Middle East by removing psychotic dictators that we installed, why not go after Iran? After all we did play a huge part in their blossoming into a wonderful America-hating nation as well.

I am also sure we can pin weapons of mass destruction charges on them as well, just like we did to Iraq, since we did supply Iran with a bunch of weapons to fight Iraq back in the good old days. Most of the Middle East, except for Israel, is in big trouble withthe United States. We are dead set on “liberating” everyone while punishing all the governments that denied us our oil for so long. How dare these countries fail to be taken advantage of by the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund?

It is in our best interest to bomb their countries and rebuild them benevolently so that they will all be debtor nations, just like all the African nations and all the South American nations. Look it up and see what a wonderful job we have done with those countries. It is no surprise that these organizations are already operating in Afghanistan and are now lined up at the door to enter Iraq.

Just because we haven’t raised our flag over their cities doesn’t mean that we have not conquered them. Once we invade the Middle East economically we will have what we are interested in.

When will we just fess up and admit that “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and all of its future incarnations is really “Operation American Domination?”