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Dolan: Villanova, we have to talk

Mike Furno April 24, 2003

Villanova, I am leaving you. We've been together four great years but I can't stay any longer. It's been a lot of fun, but I feel like you just haven't been listening to me. Listening is an important part...

Dolan: Who’s next?

Mike Furno April 3, 2003

Here we go again! Remember when this whole Iraq thing started? We were fighting in Afghanistan till everyone got bored, and then the press and the administration began discussing Iraq. Headlines started...

Dolan: Freedom food fight

Mike Furno March 13, 2003

I had already made up my mind about our president, but I was still holding out for our legislators until today: our government really is a bunch of idiots. Republican Representatives Bob Ney and Walter...

Dolan: Practice what you preach, Villanova

Mike Furno February 13, 2003

Despite the increased cooperation from Iraq, our government stands by its decision that the only way to disarm Iraq is by force.Powell has enlightened us with all sorts of evidence that no one is able...

Dolan: Diversity does matter

Mike Furno January 30, 2003

I have a dream that one day Villanova will be a school without diversity, a school that only chooses students with 4.0 GPAs and 1,600 SAT scores. I have a dream that Villanova will be a university that...

Dolan: U.N. report reveals true casulaties of war

Mike Furno January 23, 2003

Just when I thought I really could not write any more on the apparently inevitable war against the Iraqi people, the United Nations leaks its “Likely Humanitarian Scenarios” document regarding what...

Dolan: Stop terror, end occupation

Mike Furno November 22, 2002

Let's get this straight once and for all: we all agree that suicide bombing is a bad idea. We also probably agree that shooting little kids who throw rocks at soldiers is wrong. And most of us probably...

Dolan: Living wage, a cure for economic injustice

Mike Furno November 4, 2002

With all this talk about war, I am beginning to sound like Bush. So, in order to stop this broken record, I'd like to change the tune to domestic issues, something our government has a hard time handling....

Sniper prevents Univ. students from attending peace march

Mike Furno October 24, 2002

Concerns for student safety after the recent sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area have led to the cancellation of University participation in the peace protests there on Oct. 26. Originally...

Dolan: Why over 6,000 angry people went to Washington

Mike Furno October 4, 2002

Despite the massive showing of scary police in full riot gear, tear gas equipment and extra long sticks, we rallied and marched all weekend to protest the oppressive economics of the World Bank and International...

Protests … festivals with a message

Mike Furno October 3, 2002

st been drowned out by furious drums and chanting. Around the corner and in the midst of the Washington monument, over 6,000 people color the park in vibrant costume, huge puppets, giant floats and banners.Despite...

Dolan: Poverty up as war monger ignores citizens

Mike Furno September 27, 2002

Forget the stock portfolios. Pay no attention to the fourth quarter earnings. Real people are being hurt. Thanks to the failing economy and the general apathy of the American public, 1.3 million more people...

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