Lester: Look outside the bubble

Kerry Lester

Bubbles are funny things. They are airborne with a gust of wind. With a hint of the sun’s rays, they reflect all the colors in the spectrum. A bubble is composed of a clear film-thin enough to see through it to the outside world, yet the soap it is made of distorts the magnification.

It has no comprehension of the past, present or future. It knows not where it came from, or what the outside world feels like without a layer of protection. But when a bubble is popped, it can never be created again with the same molecules.

Whether you realize it or not, you too are in a bubble.

Springtime has finally come to Villanova. Student winter hibernation has ended and it seems as if the entire student body is outside on Sheehan beach and Mendel field playing impromptu games of softball and Frisbee. Now is the time, more than ever, that you sense the fun, carefree aspect of college. Forget that term paper for a few hours – the sun is shining, the grass is green, there are tons of attractive guys and girls stripping down to only their bathing suits to catch a few rays.

My first day at Villanova, my Orientation Counselor told me, “College is great. For four years you basically have no responsibility but to study.” And, while all of us do still complain, when we stop and compare Hussein body doubles and American POW’s with our fake I.D.’s being taken away, we suddenly feel very lucky and very foolish at the same time.

Some of Villanova’s own have gone from ordering “sex on the beach” drinks at the Grog to traveling through miles and miles of hot desert, seemingly never ridding themselves completely of sand. No matter how hard we try to imagine, we can never quite comprehend what a raw state of existence America’s soldiers are living in Iraq, because we are not there.

Soldiers have a motto: to preserve, protect, defend. They signed up because they love America so much they want to safeguard her liberty and freedom. Some Marines in the Middle East have been videotaped saying, “I want to finish this mess now, so my son will never have come and to fight in it”. They are there because they believe they are making our country and the world a better place.

It is our time now, in turn, to do something for them. Something simple you must do whether you are against or in favor of the war. Never forget our troops.

The life you are living right now, you owe them every second. Never forget.