Chi Omega, Sigma Chi “Dodge for a Dream”

Lily Boe

Throughout the semester, the University’s chapter of Chi Omega has been teaming up with Sigma Chi to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish is Chi Omega’s national philanthropy.  Ever since the Chi Omega/Make-A-Wish alliance was established nationally in 2002, Chi Omega chapters throughout the country have shone thorough commitment and allegiance to their philanthropy. Chi Omega’s chapter at Villanova University is no exception. For countless years, the sisters of Chi Omega at Villanova have devoted their talents and effort to Make-A-Wish. Last Thursday, there was a bake sale to raise even more money for Make-a-Wish held inside Dougherty hall, with baked goods provided by the sisters of Chi Omega themselves. On Friday, March 28, Wish Week culminated with the fourth annual Dodge for a Dream Dodgeball tournament, in which several teams competed for the victory. The fierce competition was held at 4 p.m. in St. Mary’s gym. Several different teams competed, including a group from every sorority and fraternity on campus. According to junior Philanthropy Co-Chair Allie Bradley, 29 teams signed up this year, which is five more than last year. Ultimately, the victors were Phi Sigma Kappa for the men’s tournament and Kappa Delta for the women’s tournament. This year, Chi Omega revamped Dodge for a Dream in several new and innovative ways. Bradley explained that she and her co-chair planned to really “do it big” this year. “Every year we try to do Wish Week bigger and better than in the past,” junior Philanthropy Co-Chair Natalie Mann added. First and foremost, team captains were created for each sorority and fraternity. Essentially, two members of Chi Omega and two members of Sigma Chi volunteered to be the captains for every fraternity and sorority. The captains made posters for their fraternities and sororities in order to keep the team’s spirits up during the event. Ultimately, the team captains were a way to magnify each team’s excitement level. Pairing up with Sigma Chi was also a new addition to this year’s Dodge for a Dream. “The Sigma Chi boys were a tremendous help and even had four teams playing in the event,” Mann said. Wish Week was just the beginning of the Chi Omega members’ philanthropic efforts this semester; the next step is to get their Wish Child. Then, the chapter will see the child off before his or her wish is granted.  “Being there as the child and his or her family are about to embark on his or her wish makes it that much more special,” Bradley said. Last semester, the chapter had two wish children, Khalia and Brielle, two young sisters whose wish was to go on a shopping spree at the King of Prussia Mall. The members of Chi Omega at Villanova also ventured to the mall in order to greet Khalia and Brielle before they began their magical day of shopping. Furthermore, in the spring of 2013, Chi Omega members drove to the airport to see off Wish Child Lucy and her family before their early-morning flight to Disney World. “It makes the world of difference to see that so many girls care about the wish and happiness of their child,” Bradley said. Sophomore Amanda Chin, Chi Omega’s philanthropy assistant, has a very personal connection with Make-A-Wish. “I was a Wish Child,” Chin said. Chin explained that she was granted the wish to go to Disney World for a week with her family. While in Disney World, Chin and her family stayed in Give Kids the World Village, a “storybook” resort near Disney for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.   “When we sent off our wish children to Disney last year, I knew I wanted to work more closely with our Philanthropy,” Chin said. As seen by their efforts during Wish Week, all members of Chi Omega are enthused by the opportunity to grant a child’s wish. “Granting these children’s wishes gives them hope and brightens their day or week by taking them out of their daily routine,” Mann explained. A wish is meant to provide happiness and hope to a child and their family. “A wish is a treatment of its own. Having your spirits lifted makes such a difference in your mental treatment,” Chin explained. According to Bradley, close to $1,800 was raised this past week for Make-A-Wish. Look out for Chi Omega as they continue to plan new and groundbreaking events for next fall’s Make-A-Wish fundraiser. As they do so, both Make-a-Wish Chi Omega’s philanthropic efforts will continue to grow.