Return of The ‘Pulse’on the global sports market

Kevin Pulsifer

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve missed a lot. It snowed again-yes, in April. UConn won the NCAA Championship, and your friend who goes to UConn likely won your March Madness pool. All things considered, April is one of the most exciting months of the year when it comes to sports. Baseball season has just begun, and every fan still has high hopes for their team. 

Fun fact: every team in the AL East had a negative run differential entering Monday’s games. The NBA and NHL Playoffs are finishing up their opening rounds, with exciting finishes and overtime games nearly every night.Even the two sports that don’t have much of a schedule in April have major storylines echoing across the country. 

College basketball’s Final Four takes place in April, and almost immediately star players announce their declaration for the NBA Draft. Similarly in the NFL, the draft is coming up soon and somehow Mel Kiper’s forehead gets more national spotlight than LeBron’s.

In fact, there’s so much going on that if you’re a true fan of one sport, you may have missed out on a lot of other news in the last week or two, so it’s time to bring back a segment we ran last year and fill you in on what is trending up or down across the world of sports.


The Brew Crew are off to a scorching hot start, with a record of 18-7 through their first 25 games. Last year, they didn’t earn their 18th win until May 21. 

Their team WHIP of 1.03 towers over the rest of the league, and on the back of Yovani Gallardo and Carlos Gomez, they seem poised to continue this hot streak. One Brewer who happens to be on the no-luck side of things is


Segura  was hit in the face by a Ryan Braun bat in the dugout a few days back. Braun was performing some behind-the-head swings per his usual routine, and Segura mistimed his walk onto the field, getting whacked by the barrel of Braun’s stick. He did not play the next day, but it does not appear as though he’ll miss an extended period of time. Speaking of extended periods of time…


The NHL Playoffs are upon us, and nothing provides a better combination of suspense and adrenaline than overtime hockey. Four of the six Blues-Blackhawks games went to OT, including a triple-OT thriller, and there’s already been a double-digit amount of elating overtimes played. 

All things considered, six of the eight first-round matchups went at least six games, and it’s almost inevitable that the next rounds of hockey will be just as exciting. Will the Blackhawks defend their title? Can the Flyers pull off a Game 7 win and advance to face Sidney Crybaby, I mean Crosby in the conference semifinals? Tune in to NBC to find out! 

One team who wasn’t a fan of the playoffs this year is the


The Blues entered the NHL Playoffs as a No. 2 seed in the Western Conference. Having traded for one of the best goalies in Ryan Miller, they seemed poised to advance, even though they were up against the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks.But injuries took their toll, and USA hero T. J. Oshie even missed a few games. The Blues were forced to call up a bunch of players from their minor leagues, which was not enough to finish off the Blackhawks after taking a 2-0 series lead. While we’re on the topic of the minor leagues…


The NFL’s new director of football operation announced a few possibilities for future change across the league. One minor proposed change would be the addition of an eighth official on the field during games. Vincent’s big announcement, however, was that he could possibly see a future with a developmental league, similar to the style of the NBA’s now. 

I personally am a huge proponent of a D-league, or some form of minor leagues. With the increasing number of injuries across the sport, as well as the continuous immaturity of some players, this would allow NFL teams to have more draft picks, or a larger pool of players to draw from, rather than drafting free agents who haven’t seen the field of play in a while. There may also be a decent number of cities that could host minor league teams if this proposed change does take effect. One NFL change that already has players up in arms is the


Tight end Jimmy Graham is well-known for his trademark dunk over the goalpost after touchdown catches. But the NFL ruled last week that the goalpost is considered a prop, and that players will be fined if they use the goalpost as a part of their touchdown celebration.

Calvin Johnson came out on Sunday afternoon and claimed to have found a loophole in the rule. Megatron announced that he won’t be touching the goalpost on his dunks, so a simple spike of the football over the bar won’t draw a fine. It’s an innovative bending of the rules, one that was also used at the Boston Marathon.


A picture was released last week featuring four Boston Marathon runners who all had the same bib number, none of whom were the rightful owner. Supposedly, the quartet used a photo on Kara Bonneau’s Instagram account and created the bibs themselves.

It is very common for people to “bandit” a race and run without an official entry-it happens in droves at the Broad Street Run-but these kids apparently had good intentions. 

Two of them are former Boston College runners who raised money for a charity but missed the deadline to register officially, so they turned to desperate measures. Want another story of college athletes doing the unexpected? 

Read on.


The basketball program noted for its one-and-done prospects has had a surprising turn in recent weeks. Star twin players Andrew and Aaron Harrison announced that they were returning for their sophomore season, joining four others who easily could have left early for the draft. 

Coupled with the incoming freshman class, the Wildcats will likely be a unanimous pick for the preseason No. 1 ranking. 

If this month’s sports news is an indicator of what is in store for the future, then we are in line for an exciting summer.