Opening of Purenergy Studio excites the Main Line

Samantha Marinelli

Nothing says girl power like five of the Main Line’s top fitness mavens coming together to create what they call “a studio like no other.” Walking into Purenergy in Paoli, you know they are right. Last week, Purenergy Studio in Depot Shoppes shopping center on Lancaster Ave on the West Main Line opened to rave reviews. You feel immediate zen as you enter the brand new, state-of-the-art fitness center. The relaxing atmosphere, calming colors and welcoming staff provide a workout experience unlike most others. If you’re looking for your inner peace, look no further. Pure Energy offers fitness junkies, yoga fans and newcomers alike a chance to take a minute out of their days to take a deep breath-literally-and de-stress. In the lives of busy college students, it’s hard to fit a nap in let alone a workout. Purenergy’s diverse and jam-packed schedule of classes, about 90 per week, will be ideal for a college student’s hectic day. Better yet, the studio offers a 20 percent discount for students. In just 6,000 square feet, the women who own the studio made maximum use of their space with designated boxing room, cycling room, children’s room, yoga room equipped with an incredibly large Buddha statue and more. Purenergy doesn’t just offer your everyday, run-of-the-mill fitness classes, either. Purenergy offers all kinds of yoga classes, including aerial yoga, CoreAlign Pilates, Ugi, Bokwa, Barre, fusion classes for all ages, indoor stadium cycling with performance IQ and virtual rides, boxing and the list just keeps growing. Zone classes feature a different class every time. The zone room is filled with treadmills, rowing machines, TRX machines, fitness balls, kettle bells and more. “College students would love Zone,” Debbie Small, co-owner of Purenergy, says.  “The other day we had 24 people in groups of three doing workouts in the zone room and it was awesome.” In the stadium cycling room, participants who are connected to heart rate monitors will be able to look at a large flat screen TV that will show them their heart rate and speed. “You can have races, go on virtual tours on the countryside and see how every one else in the class is doing,” Small says. While everyone’s heart rate and speed are visible on screen, those who are shy can make up a silly nickname so that no one knows who they are. These cutting edge workout plans are all the rage in the fitness industry, putting Purnergy just one step ahead of other studios on the Main Line. “I think that with the college age group there’s an eagerness to learn, an eagerness for technology and an eagerness to have fun,” Chris Somers, co-owner of Purenergy, says. “It allows the students to learn a lot about heart rate and power training. You get more information from a workout here. It fosters a community here because by nature, human beings are competitive. It puts a big smile on people’s faces because it’s just so much fun.” Another fun perk-results from work outs can be emailed to participants so that progress can be tracked. Most studios do not have this amenity, which sets Purenergy apart on yet another level. Their dedication to ensuring all of their clients succeed in fulfilling their fitness goals is apparent in the unique services available to all Purenergy members. There are classes for teens and children, too. To cater to the kids who want to literally monkey around, Purenergy offers Aerial Yoga classes for children.   The idea for this studio was the idea of two best friends who wanted to give the people of the Main Line a chance to get a personalized and unique fitness experience. Co-Owners Chris Somers and Debbie  Small, along with business partners Brenda Elko, Valerie Grant and Suzanne Olsen, bring a massive amount of fitness industry knowledge to the table with decades of experience under their belts.   Fees at Purenergy are based upon usage, not membership. Participants can enroll in one of three flexible monthly plans that cost between $60 – $140 with month-to-month rollover. This customization allows clients to pick and choose which membership best fits their lifestyle. Participants may also buy passes for 10 or 20 visits or three months of unlimited visits. Purenergy is offering a deal for new clients which includes a 10-day unlimited pass for $39 to test out classes. This past Tuesday, Purenergy opened and to no surprise, the local community responded. Dozens flocked to the Depot Shoppes facility and explored the various rooms and tried out classes, no doubt a testament to the future success that is inevitable for this studio. “You can train for sports and work out with weights in a gym but you won’t know the progress you’ve made,” Somers says. ” Here, every movement is measurable. And there’s just so much you can learn from that.”