Finneran Pavilion and Building New Basketball Traditions


Finneran Pavilion and Building New Basketball Traditions

Sam Forray

The Finneran Pavilion, the center of Villanova basketball, is a place of exclusivity partnered with a sixty-five-million-dollar renovation gone wrong.  The arena is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.  However, there some inherent problems with the cultural aspect of the beautiful new arena. 

There is a new influx of commitment in the wake of the Finneran Pavilion opening but the forced traditions involved have become inorganic.  In order to create truly impactful traditions, you have to look at some of the most famous basketball crowds in college. For example, the Cameron Crazies.  These students have the upmost passion for Duke Blue Devils creating chants on a whim.  Villanova student section does not seem to have this passion.  We watch, but we are not crazy as a fanbase.  There is a cultural aspect to that, but we as students need to thrive in our ambitions and become feared just like they are at Duke.  That will come with time, but with a new arena there is no reason why we can’t begin to start a tradition that will stick for years. 

Secondly, it is college basketball.  There are certain images and sounds you imagine.  There is Dick Vitale screaming over the fans to give color commentary, there are signs trying to disrespect the opposing team, and, most importantly there is a unified student section.  At Villanova, our section is split several different ways, but in no way do we have the best seats.  Those go to the wealthy donors and the few fans that can afford to buy such expensive seats.    If there was anything to improve student experience, it would be unifying our many sections to one larger section that could become the face of Villanova fans.

The new Finneran Pavilion is a piece of artwork that exemplifies the greatness about Villanova.  Our long and storied basketball history, is all on display for all opposing fans to see.  Overall, the Pavilion is and is going to continue to be a success for many years, possibly becoming the most feared away game in the Big East.  With that also comes a major responsibility to the students and fans of Villanova and their input should be just as valued.  It is true, a lot of money can create a big hype around the sport it is and will always be about the students.  The ones on and off the court.  They are what is going to make this arena feared, and they should have plenty of influence as to how things should be.  All I can ask for is that as fans, we appreciate what we have been given in the face of a gorgeous new arena, but also that we should not be afraid to really make the Finneran Pavilion a place that we can call a second home.  One of comfort and tradition that we are so deeply invested in.