Horror Scopes, the Idiocy of the Ever-present Astrological Readings


Horror Scopes, the Idiocy of the Ever-present Astrological Readings

The Zodiac signs have existed for thousands of years, giving people guidance in their lives of uncertainty.  In the modern age, thousands of people inspect their horoscopes every day for enlightenment.  Unfortunately, those people are living in a falsehood.  On one hand, this security blanket is an innocuous habit that brings people out of their day to day toils and helps them contemplate the bigger picture.  However, horoscopes are much more insidious.

Anyone can create a horoscope and have at least a fraction of it come true, but like most things, there is a simple explanation for that as well.  Horoscopes are generic in nature.  They are meant to be as vague as possible in the hopes that some predictions come true. The reason we love them so much is because they tap into a sense of divinity.  People who believe often explain that horoscopes allow them to tap into a deeper sense of themselves and generate more meaningful insights.

 Horoscopes do not follow the scientific method in any way whatsoever.  They are actually the opposite of scientific.  There is nothing testable about astrology.  On top of the lack of testability, there are no credited studies that acknowledge the importance of horoscopes in predicting the future or being remotely factual.  

A pseudoscience, astrology is meant to have its readers believe the most vague details that could potentially have an influence on their lives.  In reality, humans  control their own destiny, and, therefore should rely on their own actions instead of the unclear world of horoscopes.