Singer-songwriter LP to Play Philadelphia 2/15



Alison Nieto Culture Editor

If you haven’t heard of LP, perhaps you’ve heard her writing before. American singer-songwriter Lauren Pergolizzi — who is known by her stage name LP — has written songs for other artists, including Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera. She released her fifth studio album, “Heart to Mouth” on Dec. 7, which includes songs such as “When I’m Over You,” “Girls Go Wild,” and “Recovery.” 

LP is launching a new tour and is playing the Fillmore in Philadelphia on Feb. 15.  I had the privilege of speaking with her regarding her upcoming tour. LP has stated that she wants her concerts to be a space where audience can “forget their life for an hour and a half.” In her shows, LP likes to make sure that she connects with her audience.

“There is some kind of exhilaration you feel if someone is really getting to you in a live performance, and it’s not always because there’s a lot going on,” LP said. “I try to connect emotionally with the entire room. I know that sounds like a lot of bull…., but I really do, it’s my goal, and it’s kind of like an expansion of my consciousness to fill up the whole room, and I hope people can feel that whole thing.” 

When talking about her new music, LP said that rehearsing for the new tour is “interesting.” “At rehearsal, [the new songs] feel really wild and really fun,” LP said. “It always varies. It will be interesting for me [to see] the reactions of people and how it goes when I’m looking at people and performing this new [expletive].”  

LP first rose to success with her song “Lost On You,” which was released with the album of the same name in May of 2017. The first time she heard the song on the radio, she says she was in Germany. “It felt great. I heard it all the time in Europe, so that was the first time [I heard “Lost On You],” said LP. “I don’t think I heard it in the States, but I definitely like my kind of indie-vibe here.”

The tour kicked off on Jan. 25, in Santa Ana, CA and will visit 25 cities and wrap up in Los Angeles, CA on March 9. On what people should expect at her shows, LP said “I’m going to bring it. I’m just forward to the Philadelphia show and I think it’ll be a decent show if people show up.” Ending the conversation with a laugh, LP went back to rehearsals for tour, leaving me with an intense feeling of comradery and excitement for the upcoming Philadelphia date. If her music is any indication of what a live show would be like, audiences can expect to forget about their issues and relax for 90 minutes to alternative-indie vibes. Heart to Mouth is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music and I believe this is only the beginning of a wonderful career in the limelight for LP.