Quinn XCII Stuns with “From Tour With Love”



Ryan Weicht Staff Writer

On the night of Thursday, Feb. 21, many Villanovans and other excited Philadelphia concert-goers filled the Fillmore to see singer Quinn XCII (pronounced “Quinn 92”) perform. The dynamic Fishtown venue was the second location of the American portion of “From Tour with Love”— a tour whose name is drawn from the artist’s sophomore album, “From Michigan with Love,” which he released on Feb. 15.

Quinn XCII is a genre-bending artist who entered the music scene in 2011 and has been growing his career ever since. Starting with the “Change of Scenery” and continuing to the “Bloom” EP, the artist grew from a college sensation to a global one. On Sept. 25, 2017, Quinn XCII took a monumental step in his career when he released his album “The Story of Us.” The singer has been said to “blur the lines between pop, hip-hop, electronic, and soul,” and his unique music will continue to grow.

Just as Quinn’s music presents a unique mix of genres to his fans, his concert similarly did not disappoint. One of the most notable elements of the concert was the lighting and presentation. Chandeliers on the ceiling shined with formality, while almost everything on stage changed colors with a youthful allure at some point. Each song featured a different combination of hues and displays that were not overwhelming but instead intriguing. 

While the presentation kept the audience engaged with the stage, the singer did as well. Quinn XCII’s presence was immense throughout the entire performance. He constantly expressed genuine thankfulness for the Philadelphia crowd and was actively involved with the displays around him. By the end of the concert, the entire crowd was jumping, clapping and screaming along with his guidance. One of the highlights of the show was his ‘80s stage jump,’ in which he launched himself over the crowd of people to the tune of retro hits.

The singer’s music was similarly fit for the performance. Each tune blended energetic notes with soulful sentiment, making for a concert of many emotions. Quinn’s lyricism provides catchy words that the casual concert-goer can easily learn, yet almost every line also crafts a clever entendre or indicates a deeper feeling. The electronic elements of his songs impact listeners while taking inspiration from songs that feature guitar and piano. Those who take time to listen to the artist’s music will find that it goes beyond simpler sounds and captures a greater creative and emotional range than others. I would urge everyone to listen to “From Michigan with Love” and happily anticipate further tours and projects.