University Hosts Global Hunger Awareness Week

Caroline Coladonato Staff Writer

Beginning on Monday, March 18, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ambassadors presented Villanova with “Global Hunger Awareness Week.” The week was filled with events and activities that helped to raise awareness for worldwide hunger.

On Monday, the group had an Advocacy Table in the Connelly Center. The table allowed individuals to sign an advocacy banner and advocacy letters, while also providing free fair-trade chocolate. This was followed by an Urban Agriculture and Global Hunger Documentary screening on Tuesday. The film, “Plant This Movie,” highlights the current state of urban farming in nations around the United States. 

This provided a new perspective for the practice of urban agriculture and worked as an inspiration to others. The notion is that we can reconnect people to the food we eat and gives us hope to have access to healthier, locally grown food, using nearby land. The film also touched upon sustainability efforts. 

On Wednesday, CRS hosted an Identifying Hunger Lunch. The “informative and transformative” lunch provided free bread and soup in Connelly. There was also an opportunity to donate a CRS Rice Bowl as an effort to support hungry individuals worldwide. 

A Global Hunger Quizzo event in Café Nova was a lighthearted way to also raise awareness and look into the statistics of the worldwide issue. 

On Friday, individuals took part in “Fasting for Food Security.” This was the ability to work individually while also contributing to a greater cause. 

Overall, the week was a success and served as a way to promote awareness for global hunger.