New Music Corner: Mac Demarco’s New Single


mac demarco

Ryan Weicht

Canadian singer-songwriter Mac Demarco has recently been in the news after announcing a new album titled “Here Comes the Cowboy.” Demarco wrote, tracked and mixed these works in his own Los Angeles studio over a period of two weeks in January. Produced by his record label, Demarco’s album is due May 10. The singer will play Coachella before spending the rest of 2019 touring, including a Philadelphia show on September 21.

On March 5, Mac Demarco released his newest single, “Nobody,” which will be a part of Here Comes the Cowboy. The song, a smooth, guitar-centered ballad, continues the craftily simplistic sonic trends of Demarco’s 2017 album This Old Dog. Demarco’s quiet plucks and occasional mellow strums are the most prominent elements that can be heard. 

While these convey a relaxing mood, muffled horn and percussion rhythms ebb and flow with matching forlorn feelings. Lyrically, Demarco is contemplative and slightly weary. He discusses how there are ‘no second chances’ and ‘no turning back to nobody.’ Demarco may be referring to his own fame or perhaps the struggles of others. Whoever or whatever it is, he skillfully conveys his emotions without sounding overproduced, and creates much excitement for what is to come.