University Welcomes Students and Families for Candidates’ Day



Erin Gormley Co News Editor

This upcoming weekend, April 11-14, the University will host Regular Decision Candidates’ Day. Prospective students, specifically Regular Decision applicants that have been admitted, and their families have the opportunity to experience campus. 

The weekend is packed with activities such as campus tours, performances from the band and a capella groups, activity fairs and academic department events. 

Michael Dicaro and Claire Moran are this years’ Blue Key Candidates’ Day Chairs. The two run all communications between the Blue Key Society and Admissions, specifically for the planning of the upcoming weekend.

When asked “What does Candidates’ Day mean to you?” Dicaro reflected:

“Claire and I serve as the Junior and Senior Directors, respectively, who lead our Candidates’ Day Committee. As Directors, we act as liaisons between Villanova’s Office of Admissions and the Blue Key Society to guarantee that prospective students and their families feel at home (and hopefully get them to come here!). We want to make sure that everyone feels this warm, welcoming energy that cements the notion that we want them here.”

“There is so much planning involved in Candidates’ Day. We make sure that all of our Blue Key Volunteers are in the right places, tours and room shows are leaving promptly, campus is decorated perfectly, clubs are present at the Activities Fair and performances are phenomenal. Our job is to cultivate all these experiences for the admitted students to welcome them to the ‘Nova Nation and make sure they feel at home.”

“My own Candidates’ Day experience senior year of high school was the ultimate factor on how I chose Villanova. As my family drove down Lancaster Avenue, there were what seemed to be hundreds of students, all showing off their ‘Nova spirit. The energy and excitement that was displayed by these students was electric! They had signs that said ‘It’s a great day to be a Wildcat” and ‘Welcome Wildkittens,’ and all the while they were screaming with excitement and glee.” 

“So much passion, excitement and energy were on display. It captured my heart, and I knew that I had to call this my new home. There was a positive, loving energy around campus, and I could tell that the students were passionate about the school and their fellow classmates. It really felt like a fantastic community.”

“Quite honestly, I get tears just thinking about Candidates’ Day. This one especially. Going into my last Candidates’ Day, I want to make sure this one is special and obviously the best one yet. This special Villanova holiday has brought me so many amazing experiences, so many smiles and so many great conversations with prospective families. It has been a privilege to serve on this committee and show my love and passion for this University.”