Villanova Voices and Singers Perform Spring Concert

Alison Nieto

This past weekend, the Villanova Voices and Singers — the University’s female and male choirs — performed their annual end-of-semester spring concert in St. Mary’s chapel. The two groups came together to perform two songs in the beginning and end of the concert while also performing  their own sets in the middle. The event also featured performances  from the Villanova Haveners and Villanova Spires, the subset a cappella groups of the two choirs. 

The concert began with a song in French Latin (which contrary to popular belief is much more difficult to speak than regular Latin). The piece, conducted by Christine Nass (Assistant Director of Music Activities) was a slower, emotional song, playing staggered entrances. First the basses would sing, then the tenors and so on and so forth. After the piece concluded, the Singers proceeded off stage, and the Villanova Voices performed their set.

The Villanova Voices sang a diverse program, ranging from Cantante Domino to “You Will Be Found” from the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. The set also included the song “Joyful, Joyful” from the movie Siser Act 2. The group showcased their diverse talent, singing everything from classical pieces to modern Broadway. My personal favorite was their performance of Ola Gjeilo’s Tundra, featuring junior Taylor Rose.

After the Voices, the Singers were welcomed back on stage to begin their set of music. They entered the chapel through the middle aisle, singing their alumni song “Brothers, Sing On.” Many Singers alumni in the audience stood and sang as the men proceeded to the risers set up on the altar. The standout piece in my opinion was “Prayer of the Children.” The Singers performed this in Barcelona last spring. After the Singers concluded their set, the Villanova Spires stepped forward to sing their set, which included their alumni song “Good Ol’ A Cappella.” 

The Voices rejoined the Singers on the risers and the two groups sang Fauré’s “Requiem,” a seven movement piece in Latin that featured sophomore Jess Gomez and senior Tony Rozman. This specific version was in the key of D minor, which gave the piece and urgent and foreboding feel. Featuring a harpist, trumpet, organist, cellist, violin and timpani, the “Requiem” was the perfect culmination to the end of an afternoon of music. 

There are so many opportunities to get involved with music on campus, and the Villanova Voices and Singers make it so easy to continue and stay involved with choir after high school. Not to mention the friends you make are of the highest caliber.