Happy Registration Games: May the Odds be in Your Favor

Maggie Cavanaugh

And so it was decreed that every fall and spring, each class would be allotted a time slot to compete in a battle of wit, wills and credits. 

(clears throat) Happy Registration Games, and may the time slots be ever in your favor!

Each semester, the students of Villanova University, along with peers at all of our nations’s institutions of higher learning, compete in the annual registration games, in which students strive to earn credits and glory for themselves and their GPA.

The tributes, ahem, students, have been selected from around the nation to compete in this time-honored tradition. The rules are, as per tradition, upperclassmen being allotted the first time slots, while the freshmen are all condensed into two days. Who will get the ideal schedule of no Friday classes and 11:30’s, and who will be the poor souls stuck with daily 8:30s? Tune in this week to find out. 

Some highlights of this Registration Games so far include all of the Crim 1000 classes being full already, while THL, and PHI 1000 sections more quiclly filled with upperclassmen who have just realized that yes, we have a core curriculum, and they should probably get on that. 

My fellow Wildcats, regardless of the outcomes this week, remember that your schedule is in flux until we come back in January. Monitoring schedule builder intermittently will allow you to adjust and (probably) eventually attain your dream schedule. And if not, there’s always next semester.