Villanova Memery Account Brings Villanova Specific Humor Online


mask off

Chris DiLullo

Memes run the world. With online culture growing every single year, memes have come to replace stand-up comedy and America’s Funniest Home Videos-style slapstick humor as the guiding force behind how the modern generation shares what they find funny.

Thus, it only makes sense that this form of humor has been brought to Villanova’s campus with the inception of the Villanova Memery, an Instagram page dedicated to memes about life at Villanova. The Memery, which began in 2018, was founded in anonymity, and those behind the account remain anonymous today in the effort to remain dedicated to the mission of the account.

“We operate in anonymity, because we are not clout chasers.We don’t want to be known as the people who run the Memery. We don’t want the ‘fame’ or the title. We only have one mission in mind and that is to make other people’s days. We don’t want people to know who we are. We just want people to know what the meme page is about,” the founders said.

The Memery began as a passion project based in the founders’ love for memes. With memes becoming the most prominent way to exchange humor in modern times, it gave the founders an opportunity to share something they loved with other people, while also bringing Villanova-specific humor to students in a way that had never been done before.

“At first, me and my friend were startled at the idea, but then we decided to test it out by making a meme (the first one we ever posted), then air dropped it to everyone in [the Court at Donahue] that was on their phone. Immediately, we heard laughs from other tables, and we knew this was something we could do. We also knew this is something we wanted to do because we just love being able to make people laugh, smile and even make someone’s day,” one of the founders said.

The account posts Villanova-related memes several times a week related to topical Villanova content. This year, notable posts have included references to the spotted lanternfly invasion of Villanova’s campus, the organization of Cafe Nova and Villanova basketball. However, despite the number of posts slowing down recently, the Memery isn’t finished and still has plans for the rest of the year.

“We have been currently relying more on submittal posts as of late but I think our future goal is to just keep improving the page and leaving this as our legacy at the school and have it be something that we can pass down to someone who is passionate about memes as well,” the founders said.