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Horoscope: The Tortured Poets Department

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Find out which song your star sign is compatible with.

Which Song From The Tortured Poets Department Embodies Each Star Sign? 

Nearly two weeks ago, on April 19, Taylor Swift released her highly-anticipated album  The Tortured Poets Department. Fans across the world have been picking apart the lyrics ever  since, creating theories and claiming favorites. However, what everyone should really be  considering is what each zodiac sign has to say about the matter. 

Aries – The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived 

This sign is often known for being both passionate and quick to anger, just the right combination  for a song like this one. The pain and anger of this song has clearly been building for some time and has now bubbled over, much like the feelings of an Aries that can’t quite fit all of their feelings inside. 

Taurus – Tortured Poets Department 

A Taurus is represented by the bull, a famously stubborn motif that is reminiscent of the repeated questions Swift peppers throughout this song, asking if someone could find anyone better than her. The song sounds like Swift steadfastly fighting for her relationship, much like a Taurus would, reluctant to give up something important to them for the sake of someone else’s fears. 

Gemini – Florida!!! 

Gemini is characterized as a rather impulsive, unpredictable sign, the exact kind of person that would flee from their life as it falls apart for Florida. This song seems to define Florida as both a place and a feeling of freedom, the kind a Gemini seems to long for, especially in situations that aren’t turning out in their favor. 

Cancer – Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? 

This sign is notorious for feeling everything with extreme depth, often filing things away to  process and fully understand. This song, however, reflects what can happen when a Cancer is  pushed too far. Like their representative crab, Cancers can be snappy when pushed far enough.  Their lashing out isn’t out of cruelty though, it’s out of hurt and a desire to protect themselves, which comes through loud and clear in this song. 

Leo – Clara Bow 

Leos are especially ambitious and creative. To many it seems as though they are all destined for  stardom. Unfortunately, not even the confidence of a Leo can protect one from the critical eye of  the media. As Swift alludes to in this song, artists (especially women) are often compared to each  other, measured against the generations before them as though there is always a new height to  reach. While a Leo might love the spotlight, they know that it comes with a price. 

Virgo – So Long, London 

Virgos are very resistant to change and criticism, priding themselves on being reliable and smart  people. However, these traits can only get one so far in a doomed relationship. The pained 

acceptance of her heartbreak marks the point where even a Virgo would have to admit defeat.  Virgos are the kind of people who will hang on for as long as they can and probably the first to  blame themselves for a “failed” relationship. This song, though, emphasizes that it isn’t really the  fault of the person holding on, because everyone deserves a partner who will weather troubles  with them. 

Libra – I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can) 

This sign’s weakness is usually connected to their dislike of conflict, which, when combined with  their tendency for romance, can get them stuck in situations like the song describes. Libras want  so badly for their relationships to work and often pride themselves on being agreeable and fair. A  Libra would believe, like Swift, that they alone have the ability to “fix” this person. 

Scorpio – Fresh Out The Slammer 

Everything about this song feels like a new, maybe dangerous, secret that a Scorpio would  immediately recognize. Scorpios are usually typified as dark and mysterious, which fits the theme of the song perfectly. They are also usually very emotional people, which tracks with the story Swift conveys of this person immediately after getting out of “the slammer.”.

Sagittarius – The Alchemy 

Sagittarius is an optimistic and idealistic sign, perfect for the first love song about Swift’s new  relationship. This song just screams new love and excitement – perfect for this sign. Also, as Sagittarius is Swift’s own sign, she truly deserves this tune after the heaviness of the rest of the album. 

Capricorn – Guilty As Sin? 

The true sign of a Capricorn is the ways in which they manage to overthink everything, especially their own feelings. This song encapsulates that very well, as Swift stresses over her  burnt-out relationship and new feelings she doesn’t really know what to do with. In true  Capricorn-fashion, she instead builds an imagined scenario that only makes her more upset. 

Aquarius – I Can Do It With a Broken Heart 

An Aquarius is rather hard to read, as their feelings shift in unpredictable ways constantly. But it  seems as though this sign would be able to relate to the pure determination to make it out of  heartbreak, a sentiment that this song embodies. Additionally, the slightly chaotic and contradictory sound of the track itself is reminiscent of an Aquarius. 

Pisces – loml 

Pisces just had to be “loml.” As one of the most empathetic and romantic signs, they would understand the hopelessness behind this song. A Pisces understands what it’s like to long for romance and to want someone to call you the love of their life and mean it. Losing someone like the person Swift is referencing can truly feel like the greatest loss of one’s life, and Pisces are sure to empathize with the destructiveness of heartbreak.

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