Holland, Sabo fill cabinet positions for next year

David Saenz

Maureen Holland and Dan Sabo have taken the next step towards assuming the roles of SGA president and vice president by selecting their cabinet members. The transition of power will officially take place at the SGA Banquet on April 26.

Also, since only two people ran for next year’s three available Commerce and Finance senator positions, Holland and Sabo had to appoint the third senator. They selected sophomore accounting major Amanda Lynam because, according to Holland, “She is extremely smart, capable, hardworking and experienced.” Holland also indicated that Lynam has two years of SGA experience.

Holland expressed disappointment in the low candidate turnout for this year’s elections, saying, “It was unfortunate that most of the races were uncontested.” She commented, however, that all of the senators are dedicated to serving the University next year.

Director of Student Development Tom Mogan was not surprised that only two people ran for C&F senator. In fact, he said, “It actually happens pretty frequently.”

Mogan indicated that nine people had originally expressed interest in running for the position, but only two took the steps necessary to run.

According to Holland, she and Sabo chose their cabinet members for their strong work ethics, demonstrated interest in campus life and genuine concern for the student body.

She continued, “We also sought out people who were involved in a variety of activities on campus and who represented different aspects of the student body.”

Holland indicated that some of the most challenging cabinet positions would be Internal Operations, Diversity and Athletics. Athletics cabinet members Michelle Diago and Ryan Costella will have to focus on projects including the basketball ticket lottery, Midnight Mania and broadcast of select University basketball games in the Connelly Cinema.

While campaigning, Holland and Sabo discussed bringing together many of the larger on-campus organizations in an attempt to foster cooperation and resource sharing. For this reason, Holland said, “COLA [Campus Organization Leaders Association], Greek Life, Diversity, Athletics and Residence Concerns are all very important.”

Holland established two new cabinet positions for the 2002-2003 school year-Social Action and External Relations. The external relations cabinet member will be in charge of attempting to improve the University’s relations with local communities, especially Radnor Township. Holland said that this cabinet member will act as a “liaison between Villanova and other universities and eventually between Villanova and the Radnor Township Board of Supervisors and the Radnor Police Department.”

Holland and Sabo also assigned many students to oversee projects such as establishing a campus-owned video store, attaining two reading days at the end of each semester and continuing the Mark Sirolli Memorial Basketball Tournament.

The president and vice president elect selected junior Moyra Cassidy as SGA secretary, sophomore Lauren Geaney as treasurer and sophomore Joseph Capece as office manager.