Putting a smile with safety

Valerie Fernandez

If you have ever had the opportunity to speak with or meet Public Safety officer Joseph Curran, the first thing you will notice about him is his cheerful smile and his distinct wave. He is always seen around campus talking with students and giving his signature boxing wave to them as he rides by on his patrol bicycle or as students drive past the west campus security station.

His presence on campus for 14 years has given us all a reason to smile and be cheerful amidst a busy or stressful day. His love for his job and for dealing with Villanova students manifests itself in a contagious friendliness.

He also says that likes to help students and keep the campus safe by promoting the rules and showing students “right from wrong, in a good way”. He clearly loves his job and loves the people he gets to spend time with as a result of his job. When asked why he likes to work as a Villanova public safety officer, he said that he loves to be part of the Villanova community and he jokingly added with a sly grin, “I like booting cars, too!”