Spindle returns to campus for another exciting show

Wilfredo Reyes

Spindle began playing in 1998 and formed as a band last May. The band is composed of Christopher Woods on guitars and vocals, Evan Madden on bass and percussion, Tony Ragazzo on bass and vocals and Villanova’s own Don Henry on vocals and guitar.

They are just beginning as a band and already they have shows in bars and venues in the tri-state area. The band is set to begin recording it’s first album in New York City on May 6 to be released in November of this year.

Recently, Spindle fans demonstrated the support and confidence they have in the band’s potential by voting to have them perform at the popular Skate and Surf Festival in Asbury Park, N.J.

Spindle knows how to put on a show. Novafest will not be their first performance at Villanova; they appeared in the Connelly Center for Late Night at Villanova last semester and wowed the audience. The live performance is a sight to be seen and their music speaks for itself. People who had never heard of Spindle before were buying the band’s CDs and getting up to rock out in front of the stage. Spindle has tremendous star potential as demonstrated by such lively singles as “Wish the World Goodbye,” “Perfect World” and “Late Last October.” This will not be a show to miss out on.

The band’s official website, www.spindlerocks.com, states that the long term goal of the band is nothing less than to “become the greatest rock and roll band of all time!” They have recently signed on with Ernest Entertainment, a professional management company from New York City which they hope will bring them closer to that goal. Novafest is sure to create a deep fan base for Spindle at Villanova with it’s catchy, intoxicating emo/punk and lively onstage performance. Be there or be square.