Seniors’ contributions to ‘Nova entertainment will be missed

Molly Gallegos

Parties, movies, music, plays and sports are not the only sources of entertainment at Villanova. In fact, the graduating class of 2002 provided the University with many entertaining moments throughout the past four years. While it is virtually impossible to recapture all of these memories, the following list serves as The Villanovan’s attempt to thank the seniors for their enthusiasm, humor, generosity, love and character. Congratulations class of 2002! You have definitely earned it!

It seems fair to begin our list with freshman Orientation, since the spirit and excitement of this program certainly resides with us as we travel through our years at Villanova. Whether Orientation exhilarated you or irritated you, its humiliation factor, enthusiasm and its intensity undoubtedly enabled the program to indoctrinate Villanova’s values into your mind. Granted, bugaloo nightmares, ice-breakers and campus tours kept us extremely busy during our first few days on campus, most of us will never forget the hilarity that was the hypnotist’s show. Who can forget senior Mark Decicco’s unabashed impersonation of Chris Farley or the dozens of fellow students acting like aliens, fairies and even Ricky Martin?

Next, it is important to recognize the men’s basketball team members, especially seniors Brooks Sales and B.J. Johnson, for their stellar performances on the court over the past four years. Many members of the class of 2002 have passed down stories of the team’s outstanding and emotional victory over Georgetown during Sales’ and Johnson’s freshman year. Wildcat Roar and Midnight Mania have also left vivid impressions, as did the much-needed and much-acclaimed installment of Coach Jay Wright, especially since many of us can attest to having horrid memories of Steve Lappas’ side- line tantrums. The women’s team also offered students powerful victories and exciting close calls, with strong appearances by seniors Mimi Riley and Stephanie Baker, among other star players.

Concerts also helped shape some of our fondest college memories. From Blues Traveler to Naughty By Nature to Stroke Nine, the Campus Activities Team always offers students a diverse agenda of concerts, comedians, activities and events. CAT introduced most of us to the smooth rock of Guster, hosted a surprise visit from Bruce Willis and engaged in casino nights all in the attempt to improve students’ college experiences. Seniors Tim Saccone, Kate Assenmacher and Liz Trolio helped make CAT into the Villanova entertainment metropolis that it is today.

We also must honor the eccentric Novafest concerts that always seem to end in torrential downpours. While the Sugar Hill Gang bombarded Novafest attendees in 1999, teen pop sensation Tiffany shocked fans with an entirely new image last year. We can only imagine the performance that the Pat McGee Band has planned for us this year.

In the wake of the new and improved Bartley, many students choose to forget the sweltering classrooms and darkened hallways of the old Commerce & Finance building. So many notable physical changes have occurred on campus since the seniors first arrived as freshmen that we must include a few of them in our list. Holy Grounds have been popping up in every nook and cranny, the West campus apartments have imbibed renovation after renovation and the Quad has been repaved, among several other aesthetically pleasing improvements.

Finally, we must acknowledge the indelible effects the Student Government Association has had on Villanova’s entertainment over the past four years. Acting upon the success of SGTV, the 2001-2002 SGA board alone created a cornucopia of ideas and policies for the students’ merriment, including the Holiday Diversity Festival, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week and the Freshman Formal. Many of these new activities can be attributed to seniors Christine Gerchow and Frank Quesada, president and vice president, respectively.

While our list barely makes a dent in the mountain of memories the class of 2002 has built for us, The Villanovan hopes the seniors realize how truly special they are and how sorely missed they will be. Good luck with everything graduates!