Gerchow’s farewell address highlights Senate meeting

Andrea Ford

Student Government Association President Christine Gerchow gave her farewell address to the University at the final Senate meeting of the year last Friday.

Her words reflected her intense pride in the achievements of the University over the past year and the promising future she envisions for it.

Gerchow recalled several recent physical campus improvements, including the completion of Bartley Hall, the refurbishment of the Mendel Science Center and the construction of new apartment complexes on West campus.

“Such achievements on our University’s behalf deepen my appreciation for its goals and the dedicated faculty, staff and constituents who achieve them,” she stated.

But the focus of her farewell was on the accomplishments of the SGA this academic year, which included the approval for the main campus gym for this fall, a newly instituted Commuter Meal Plan, a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, a $6,000 fundraiser for the Fire Department of New York and a Holiday Diversity Festival.

This year’s SGA has also implemented several new traditions for the University, including Midnight Mania, the Mark Sirolli Memorial Basketball Tournament, the Nova Pong Tournament and Villanovans of the Week.

SGA has also contributed to such academic events as the Liberal Arts Major Fair, Pre-Law and Pre-Med Information Nights, the College of Commerce and Finance Interview Workshop and the Science Survey.

Congratulating her fellow SGA members on their success and dedication, Gerchow said, “We were truly a meeting of the Villanova minds—a representative group with a vision that was able to capture even the invisible and a capability to reach out to anyone and everyone on our campus.”

Gerchow thanked several people, including University senators, faculty, administration, students and SGA Vice President Frank Quesada. “His most notable contributions this year involved revamping the SGA constitution and negotiating on the main campus gym. But his most celebrated contributions involve the love and goodwill he brought to our administration,” she said of Quesada.

She ended her farewell by addressing incoming SGA President and Vice President, Maureen Holland and Dan Sabo.

She said, “My best advice to the both of you is to remember to take things in stride and never, ever give up.”

University Vice President Dr. Helen Lafferty commented on Gerchow’s words, saying, “I think she captured well what Villanova stands for, especially in terms of the students. Her remarks really struck at the heart of Villanova’s mission.”

Many students also attended the meeting to hear the speech.

Sophomore Ryan Costella said, “The speech was very well written, professional and really conveyed the idea that she is going to go on to greater things in the future.”

“Her speech was really touching. Because of her enthusiasm, she’s gotten a lot accomplished this year,” stated sophomore Moira Durkin.

Sophomore Michelle Diago added, “She not only summarized what SGA has accomplished, but she also included a very personal farewell.”