SGA sponsors “long-overdue” staff and faculty week of appreciation

Angela Barbuti

Students will have the opportunity to express their gratitude to University faculty and staff during Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, between April 22 and 26. Sponsored by the Student Government Association, this new celebration may become a University tradition.

“This is really an effort to appreciate not just the faculty, but the staff who make a difference on our campus everyday by cooking our meals, cleaning our dorms, and keeping our campus beautiful,” SGA President Christine Gerchow, who is credited with the creation of this week, said.

Gerchow appointed sophomore Mike Pascarella to chair the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week committee. “We feel that faculty and staff serve an important role in establishing the Villanova community and it’s important that they are recognized for this,” Pascarella said. “This is the students’ way of saying thank you for all you’ve done for us and your dedication.”

Ryan Saska, committee co-chair, agreed. “Something like this is long overdue,” he said. This is the first time the University has sponsored a week long celebration to honor faculty.

Throughout this week, students will be able to vote for faculty and staff members that they would like to honor through an online election.

University Information Technologies is sponsoring the voting procedure, which will be given in a format identical to that of the SGA election.

Students can vote for “Teacher of the Year” for their individual college, as well as “General Student Choice Teacher of the Year.” There will also be an award given to an outstanding member of Dining Services.

As a sign of students’ appreciation, faculty and staff will be given pins to wear commemorating the week. SGA will also present each office on campus with thank you cards. Colleen Sheehan, a political science professor, expressed her support for the week, saying, “The rewards of teaching tend to be intangible. If anybody’s wondering about tangible rewards, my favorite are chocolate chip cookies.”

The week will begin with a barbecue luncheon on Mendel Field on April 22. All faculty and staff are welcome to enjoy food provided by Dining Services and music by Tech Crew. On April 26, there will be an awards banquet in the President’s Lounge, where faculty and staff will receive their awards based on the results of student voting.

“We hope this becomes a tradition at Villanova for years to come and that it brightens the days of many in our community,” Gerchow said.