Caddyshack, Villanova style

Shane Yount

Today’s weather forecast: 70 degrees, sunny and perfect to play. That’s right, along with summer temperatures come times for the avid golfers to retune skills, as well as find new ones.

Though Villanova has an illustrious golf team, there are current opportunities for those novice players that can’t make the team or those professionals that merely don’t want the commitment.

Playing off the current interest of the recent Masters Championship, a local range and course are currently offering special rates for all those aspiring Tigers out there. First, Valley Forge Country Club bills the best course for the buck.

With student identification, weekday rates are as follows: Valley Forge offers a $15 student rate to walk 18 holes and, for those who wish to take a cart, the student rate is currently $20. For weekend rates, they barely change. After 2 p.m. twilight hours, the course offers the same walking rate for students of $15 and a $25 rate for carts.

“We just want to keep this game growing through youth. The discounts for anyone, of any skill level, so it’s there for you,” stated head pro gary of the Valley Forge course.

Avid golfers can attest that Valley Forge’s rate is unbeatable. Compared to average courses with a cost of $30 and above, the $15 to $20 rate is a drastic discount.

In addition, Valley Forge offers a well-accustomed driving range. Offering inside and outside range accessibility, the Valley Forge range is a good option for night and day hitting. Prices range comparable to the number of tokens you purchase; a player can purchase one token for $4 or two tokens for $6. One token allows a golfer 35 balls to hit.

Besides this range, there is another option close at hand. For those looking for a premiere driving range with top instruction availability, Tee’s Golf Learning Center is a driving range that provides a nice atmosphere with professionals on call. A bucket of balls ranges from $5 to $9 dollars, depending upon the number of balls to hit. Lessons also depend upon the number of hours and the times at which they are held.

As you’re sitting in the heat of unconditioned dwellings, instead of stripping down, keep those clothes on and get outside. The cheap rates and availability close at hand are tempting and provide no excuses. So, enjoy and remember one key word: fore!