Finch lands on Sheehan Beach

Elizabeth Nieto

The California band Finch, originally called Numb, currently sounds like a cross between rock, punk and emo music. Lead singer Nate Barcalow claims that the band started out as a “Deftones rip-off band,” but their sound has evolved as the band has progressed. Finch also claims they sound like a medley of Saves the Day, Jimmy Eat World, the Get Up Kids and Glassjaw.

Before the band became Finch, Numb previously hated punk music and was primarily a rock band. Guitarist Randy Strohmeyer entered the scene, bringing a very influential sense of punk to the band, eventually giving it the sound it has today. Finch’s debut album, consisting of four EP songs, was released in 2001 under the label Drive-Thru Records. It is in the process of releasing its first full-length album and will then focus on tour shows.

On their webpage,, Strohmeyer lays out the future of the band, “We’re gonna finish our album, and then we’ll go on tour and get homesick. Then we’ll come back for a bit, and go on tour and get homesick again, until we turn thirty and we’re Drive-Thru has-beens.”

Finch will be playing at Novafest and is sure to give a fantastic performance.