Falling for the latest fashion trends

Karin K. Nastawa

As Staples restocks its shelves and professors plan their syllabi, fashion designers around the world are beginning to relax as their work for the fall season unfolds in fashion shows and stores alike. Runways in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo have been inundated with new styles and creative ideas. From fashion magazines all over the world, read cover-to-cover, Style Magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 fashions that are soon to spill into this Back-To-School season.

1) The man-tailored jacket -fitting close and snug to the sides, also cut at a modest waist length.

2) The romantic blouse – it is the fabrics that are important in these blouses, made of light cotton and heavier linen. They are meant to be worn under layers.

3) The skinny jean – well, they look great on the runway models! These jeans are also a secure fit, running long and tailored.

4) The sporty parka – a fashionable version of the Eskimo-esque jackets that one would wear skiing.

5) The gently retro dress – with themes of the 60s and 70s, these dresses are made of light material, similar to the Romantic Blouse, in a loose fit with extra fabric

6) The leather jacket – running along the same theme as the skinny jeans, the leather this year is soft and buttery, fitting closely to the body in a greatly tailored theme.

7) The big bag – an accessory that cannot be done without, little bags have been thrown to the wayside to accommodate the girl on the run with many items to support her flawless physique.

8) The elegant dress – if you’re lucky enough to have a fancy event to attend, the dresses this fall are loosely tailored, flowing and romantic.

9) The smart coat – a go anywhere coat that can be dressed up or down. A fabric that is making its forte in the fashion world is suede, in a variety of shades.

10) The major boots – if you haven’t bought a pair of boots for this season, go do it. They are the hottest footwear trend and have been voted the most important fashion update of the season. Designers developed different varieties and patterns but the style is consistent – tall, sleek, with a skinny heel.

Welcome back to a beautiful fall season in the East. On your way back to school, grab a few notebooks (professors seem to like notetaking) and those boots you’ve been eyeing all summer – there will be plenty of beautiful fall days ahead to wear them!