Murphy: Philly sports fans should throw in the towel

Liam Murphy

Deciding to attend a college in the Philadelphia area may have been one of the worst decisions of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful I’m not in Jersey, but Philadelphia sports fans are some of the most annoying people I have ever met.

Loyal, yes; realistic, not at all. For some strange reason, fans of Philadelphia sports teams think that there are no better teams than the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies or Flyers.

Hey guys, more power to you, but I have some news for you: a championship in any sport is a long time away.

Let’s start with the Eagles since it’s football season. I started laughing last night when the Monday Night Football camera showed an Eagles fan holding a sign that said, “Go Eagles. NFC East Champs 2 Years in a Row.” Sweet sign, buddy. Winning the NFC East really isn’t all that big of a deal. You didn’t win the conference, you didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, so put that sign down underneath your seat. What is the next posterboard going to say, “We’re not Number 1?”

I’ll tell you what the Eagles need to do. They need to start winning not only the big games, but the little ones too.

Losing the season opener to an at best fair Titans team is not the way to start off the year. And please don’t get all excited about Monday’s thrashing of the Redskins. Steve Spurrier may be a good coach, but the Redskins are a young team that has a lot of work to do. If the Eagles didn’t win that game by 15 points there would be something to talk about.

I’ll tell you something else they need to do. Let Donovan McNabb run the ball every play. He is one of two good players the Eagles have on offense. And when he is tired, let former Villanovan Brian Westbrook run the ball.

If you think the Sixers are going to win an NBA championship in the near future, you need to get a life. Allen Iverson is the fourth best player in the league, if that.

The Big Aristotle, a.k.a. Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd are all heads above the Philly franchise player. There is no way Iverson will ever lead his team to a championship.

He will never give up scoring 30 a game in order to win. Imagine if he took fewer shots and increased his assists per game to eight or nine.

Then the Sixers would be nasty, but Iverson is too selfish. Let’s not even talk about his defensive intensity. And his “we’re talking about practice” speech might have proved that he is one of the dumbest individuals ever known to man.

Larry Brown is the only good thing going for that team right now. And this Van Horn trade? C’mon. Philly fans hated him in the playoffs last year, and now they love him. I have news for you. He was terrible then and will be terrible in the future. Dikembe, though not a real offensive threat, was a great defensive presence for them.

Who’s going to guard Shaq if they make it back to the finals, Todd MacCulloch? He may be the doofiest (if that’s a word) center in the entire league. Good job guys, we’ll see you in the NBA Championship real soon.

One of the greatest nicknames in all of sports is the “Fightin’ Phillies.”

If watching them play is like watching a fight, then they got KO’d in the first round of a 12-round bout. Larry Bowa and his squad are currently 21 games out of first place. Their home record, at the time this is being written, is 39-39.

Awesome. Let me pay a few bucks so I can go watch them lose just as much as they win. What do they draw attendance-wise anyway, like 40 or 50 people a game? It’s a good thing they traded Scott Rolen, too.

It’s obvious that a team is trying to get to the next level by trading one of its two all-stars away. What’s that tell you? Even the best players want to get out of Philly.

All I am going to say about the Flyers is nice work getting rid of Eric Lindros.

So there you have it Philly fans. Please take a few years off from your ranting and raving about how you are the best at everything, because it is obvious to everyone else that you aren’t.

Monday night at the Wild Onion, some guy in an Eagles jersey got up out of his chair and started spinning around and dancing because the Eagles had a long running play, almost knocking another patron over and spilling his tasty beverage.

C’mon buddy. Get a hold of yourself, get your life together.

There is more to life then how good a team from Philly is doing.