Ringing in junior year

Carmen Ruiz-Castaneda

Dick Morrissey, ’59, still remembers how he was able to afford his class ring. “I bet on five races, picked five winners and won my class ring,” said Morrissey. ” I won $57.” Morrissey still wears his class ring and claims that the ability to wear the ring after all these years is a tribute to weight management.

The Junior Ring Ceremony tradition continues today. The events begin with a reception at 7 p.m. sponsored by the University Shop and Balfour (the company that manufactures the rings), and the actual ceremony will start at 8 p.m. Both will be held in the Pavilion.

Inscribed on the ring is the University motto: Veritas, Unitas, Caritas. The ceremony celebrates these ideals.

Father Dobbin will bless the rings and the class of 2004 will receive them from distinguished faculty members.

Students say the class ring not only celebrates the Villanova tradition but also each individual’s experience of it. “It is a symbolic piece that commemorates my four years here at Villanova,” said junior Kaitlin Dunne.

A slide show created by Campus Activities Team will be presented at the ceremony. Featuring pictures donated by the juniors themselves, the show celebrates the class of 2004 in a unique and personal way.

For most students, the junior ring ceremony is more than the presentation of a piece of jewelry. It is the celebration of a rich tradition and a right of passage.

The class of 2004 can already look back on its past two years as a part of the Villanova tradition with pride and eagerly anticipate two more.

And 20, 30, even 50 years from now, the class of 2004 can look back on its ring as a rememberance of four special years.