New Kids find their own blocks

Christina Dascher

Before ’N Sync, the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees, there was the musical group that started it all — New Kids on the Block, later to become NKOTB in an effort to revive its fading image. They certainly had all the “right stuff,” but as a wave of alternative and grunge won over the hearts of Generation X, NKOTB members performed a disappearing act. Fortunately, they’re back in The Villanovan, and we’ve got the dirty pop on Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donny and Danny, as these once-young stars have matured and managed to reinvent themselves “step-by-step.”

Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight Birthday: May 17, 1970 Secrets: Left-handed, puts ketchup on everything, collects hotel keys, scared of supernatural things. Last we heard of him: He was coming back with a solo career and an album titled, “Jordan Knight.” Jordan was one of the nominees on the MTV Music Awards for Best Dance Video category but was beat out by Ricky Martin. I guess he just couldn’t shake his little Boston bon bon well enough to oust the Latin Explosion.

Jonathan Rashleigh KnightBirthday: Nov. 29, 1968Secrets: Hates messes, still has a childhood fear of the dark, likes chocolate chip cookies and is very concerned about how he looks when he goes out in public. Now: After NKOTB, Jon pursued a career in architecture and interior design. He’s the one New Kid who has found a life out of the public eye. Joey Mulrey McIntyre Birthday: Dec. 31, 1972Now: Shortly after NKOTB split, Joey sought after a career in theatre and produced a solo album, “Joey McIntyre … Stay The Same.” However, now his solo career is at its peak. Joey joins the cast of “Boston Public” as new teacher Colin Flynn. Joey just happened to be in L.A. doing “Hollywood Squares” when the audition came together, according to the actor in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Musically speaking, Joey put out an album this year, “One Too Many,” with Eman. To find out more about Joey you can log onto

Donald Edmund Wahlberg Birthday: Aug. 17, 1969 Favorite expression: “Peace out” Idol in life: Cookie Monster Now: He starred as the suicidal patient who kills Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense.” Also starred in the independent film, “Southie.” Another recent project included his work in HBO’s 13-part miniseries “Band of Brothers.” He made another film debut in the movie “Ransom,” and has appeared on the show “The Practice.”

Daniel William WoodBirthday: May 14, 1969Now: He was co-producing Joey’s first solo album.

After 16 years, American pop culture has again experienced the emerging popularity of other all-male quintets that send teenage girls screaming. And, although we have lived to see NKOTB dissolve, each one is still “Hangin’ Tough.” At the present time, he is producing an album by a band called Second Face.