Charity remains in style

Christina Dascher

At a school that prides itself on its motto – unitas, veritas, caritas – there’s something else that Villanovans care a lot about as well: fashion. Walking around campus, especially during the first week of school, can make you feel like you are walking around at a fashion show. One of the latest trends among fashion leaders has been to connect style and charity. This year Ralph Lauren launched his Pink Pony Campaign, whereby proceeds from exclusive merchandise go towards the fight against cancer. Celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Davis, have sported this trend.

In this month’s In Style magazine, other followers of the trend, such as Pier I, Avon and Wilson Sporting Goods are featured. Coach will donate all the proceeds from a limited-edition designer tote to “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.” Profits from author Evelyne Lauder’s book, “An Eye for Beauty,” will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Marie Claire magazine, along with Donna Karan and Save the Children, also teamed up in November’s issue to help save women and children from war. By joining their “One World, One Wish” campaign, you receive DKNY’s exclusive T-shirt for $14.95 and about $9 per T-shirt goes to the cause.

Since fashion and philanthropy prove to go together as well as Villanova girls and Vera Bradley bags, this could be one trend that might just stick.