Fall break burglaries shock West residents

David Saenz

Two laptops, a Play Station 2, DVDs, blank CDs and a pillowcase were all stolen from two West campus apartments over fall break.

The Department of Public Safety and the Radnor Police Department are investigating the burglaries, which occurred in Klekotka and Moulden Halls.

One victim, junior Jill Rogness, had her laptop stolen over break. She did not find out about the theft until Oct. 20 when she returned.

Rogness is not sure how the burglar gained entry into the apartment, but she said the screen on one of her windows was out of place.

She assumes that the burglar either knew her code or came in through the window.

Rogness expressed disappointment over Public Safety’s response to the thefts, saying, “They really haven’t kept me updated on anything.”

“They say that we won’t have access to the dorms over break, but obviously somebody did. I’ve lost a little bit of faith in the security,” she said.

One victim, junior Michael Carollo, who lives on the first floor of Klekotka Hall, reported a laptop, a Play Station 2, multiple DVDs and a package of blank CDs stolen. He also indicated that his roommate’s pillowcase had been taken, possibly to carry the stolen goods. Carollo learned of the burglary when his roommate, junior Austin O’Connor, returned to campus on Oct. 17 to find the above items missing.

Carollo did not know how the burglar gained access to the apartment, but he indicated that there was no sign of forced entry.

He also stated that the police had taken fingerprints in areas they think the burglar may have touched.

“This is something you never want to happen, but you just have to live with it. It’s in Public Safety’s hands now,” Carullo said.

Both Rogness and Carollo expressed disappointment that they had to pay $1000 to replace their stolen Commerce and Finance laptops.

Jeffery Horton, director of Public Safety, declined to comment on specifics of the investigation because it is still in progress.

He only said, “We are investigating the report of the theft … Our investigators are working with Residence Life and the Radnor police.”

Many apartment residents were dismayed by the burglaries. Resident Assistant Nathan Wildfire, a junior who lives in Moulden, was on duty during the break. “I think it’s a shame that where we live is not always safe from crime,” he said. “We would expect that our homes remain our own private places.”

Dean of Students Paul Pugh, who is on the committee evaluating student access to the apartments indicated that the results of the investigation may affect the committee’s decision. He said that trying to relate apartment access and these burglaries is still premature.