Not your parent’s radio station



Doug Reed

Is Y-100 getting increasingly boring these days? Does Q-102 seem like a repetitive waste of electricity? Well, you may want to tune your radios and computers to “your” radio station, maintained by Villanova students.

WXVU-89.1 FM hosts 35 DJs separated into 15 unique shows ranging from music to sports. The Villanovan recently sat down with three active DJs at the station.

Jeff St. Pierre is the student general manager of the station and also has his own show with Chris Updike and Matt Burnett highlighting punk, emo and hardcore. He has been to his share of rock concerts and has his “share of getting teeth knocked out.”

Bridget McDermott also has her own show airing punk and indie rock with her partner Mary Marchall, who plays Brit-pop. McDermott enjoys the rock scene but comments, “my sneakers are older than the kids at concerts today.”

Scott Donnelly and Nick Mathews cover the home football and basketball games for Villanova radio, unfortunately while in the visitor box for football games. But you can imagine how that location can get interesting. Coverage of the games is about as “insider” as you get, coming from the mouths of a Villanova student. This year, Villanova sports look like they will have a productive season, and Donnelly comments, “we might be going down the 1985 road again.”

The station oozes a loose, comfortable atmosphere similar to dining hall lunch conversations, although they can’t curse, thanks to FCC regulations. Don’t take anyone seriously on Villanova radio, this is college with a hand of spontaneity and a laid back attitude. The three DJs commented “it’s all about having a good time and getting as many listeners as possible.”

What can you expect to hear on Villanova radio? Besides being hilariously funny, shows focus on many types of music. (Although they have been dominated by indie rock and punk scenes.) You will also hear a lot of unknowns, as the station highlights independent bands rather than the mainstream which every other radio station plays. Bands up on the WXVU charts recently are Piebald, Black Heart Procession, Cave In, Hot Water Music, Jurassic 5, Snapcase and Hope Conspiracy. Seems different from MTV, doesn’t it?

St. Pierre remarks, “the goal of college radio is to play the stuff that doesn’t get a lot of attention.” And Bridget comments, “many of my friends had no idea about the bands I listen to, but when they hear them they really get into them.” WXVU gets sent tons of CDs from numerous labels, both big shots and small potatoes. The smaller labels are especially active on college promotion, since students are usually the biggest audience for smaller local bands.

Donnelly and Mathew’s sports coverages are “not your grandfather’s sports casters.” If you want to know what that means, you’re probably going to have to tune into it. This show runs anytime there is a home game for football and basketball. The next show will be this Saturday when ’Nova plays William & Mary. WXVU also gives out occasional prizes. Last year, two lucky people went to Sugarbowl on a trip worth $3,500.

There are two ways you can tune into WXVU: either on 89.1 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday or on your computer using Real Audio on the station’s website: So when you spend your five hours endlessly talking on AIM, flip WXVU on. You can also call in just like any other radio station at (610) 581-7201. And don’t worry, as far as I know there are no discourses on St. Augustine or accounting principles.