Modus earns local following with show at Brownies 23 East

Molly Gallegos

Its edgy sound, powerful lyrics and boundless energy attracted such local music venues as Abilene and Brownies 23 East. Modus, an alternative rock band comprised of four local musicians, managed to increase its fan base exponentially in the last six months by performing for area college students. In fact, the band’s debut full-length album will hit the ears of fans Oct. 12 at Jenkintown’s Wet Whistle.

“The music we create is good and I really want people to hear it,” said Francis Camardella, the band’s lead vocalist and writer of most of the lyrics. “I really truly believe a listener would never say he/she hates our music or say ‘this is crap.’ You just can’t say it’s crap. You must appreciate it for what it is.”

Modus’ music takes the audience on an emotional journey through many of life’s experiences. The poetic lyrics electrically describe the feelings correlated with events to which most people can relate. A perfect blend of sound, words and emotion allows Modus to recreate the painful or beautiful feelings involved in so many of life’s most dramatic experiences.

Take, for instance, “Myopia,” one of the premier songs featured on the upcoming album and Camardella’s favorite. The song describes Camardella’s reactions to his father’s untimely death. In addition, the powerful percussion, harmonics and guitar-playing of Patrick Garrity, Robert Krotee and Thomas Hartley aid in making each song a musical masterpiece, showcasing raw feelings and emotional clarity.

“Just from the music, and the way I sing it, you can feel my pain…this song just shows how powerful music can be because after writing it, I felt like I had finally dealt with my father’s death,” said Carmardella.

“Myopia” is not the only song on the album reflecting upon difficult or tragic issues, yet the band’s music is by no means dark or depressing. It is interesting, colorful and ambient. Camardella’s voice eerily resembles Dave Mathews’ mellow, mature sound. Noted for their uncanny energy, the band members attribute their success to fan support.

“You feed off the energy of the fans,” Camardella explained. “When you look out in the crowd and people are dancing, bobbing heads, swaying … just for a little bit you are making someone happy … when the crowd gets into it, you get into it.”

Students who are unable to attend the 5 p.m. performance at the Wet Whistle are urged to witness one of Modus’ upcoming shows, including a 10 p.m. performance at Brownies on Oct. 17. While the album is not yet carried in mainstream music stores, fans can order the CD online at