Letters to the Editor

Anti-war e-mails attack America’s freedom

To the editor:

I have recently come across several e-mails in the past few days promoting an anti-Iraqi war rally in Washington, D.C.  These letters are deeply offensive to me for several reasons.  First, I am a republican, I should not have to be force-fed this leftist anti-war propaganda. Second, these e-mails are attacking every person who has enlisted his duties in the United States Armed Forces.  I personally know several ROTC members who have been called to duty during the past few weeks. These e-mails challenge the authority of the president and the United States government as a whole. Third, while I agree with free speech, an ad taken out in a newspaper would be much more appropriate regarding the delicate nature of the situation.  These e-mails are just a continuation of the liberals on campus attempting to undermine the power and authority of our nation as a whole, and to challenge the mindset of our president, who has done nothing but strive to lead our nation against the perils of terrorism.  If a war with Iraq guarantees our nation’s continued freedoms that we all take for granted, then so be it, and God bless our troops who risk their own lives for ours.

Jim MurdochClass of 2003