Our Lady Peace comes to ’Nova

Shane Yount

The Campus Activities Team has landed a band that is not only world-renownACed, but also a current rock-chart-climber.

On Saturday night, Our Lady Peace, also accompanied by Greenwheel, will play the Villanova Room of the Connelly Center.

Opener Greenwheel is sure to be a delight. The sound of American rock is echoed in the lyrics of the band’s songs, which sound like a mix between Matchbox 20 and Nickelback. The St. Louis group’s smash debut CD, “Soma Holiday,” contains such hits as “Shelter” and “Breath.” “Shelter,” which has received the most current recognition, is on the soundtrack of this summer’s hit movie “Spiderman.”

Currently on a global tour, this Canadian band has rocked venues as big as Woodstock, so one can only imagine the potential of the intimate confines of the Villanova Room.

The band’s fourth CD, “Spiritual Machines,” helped the group gain popularity from the hit single “Life.” The current hit, “Somewhere Out There,” of their fifth CD, “Gravity,” may be the extent of your OLP knowledge, but keep in mind that there is a great deal more that this band has to offer.

Beginning with the release of “Naveed” in 1995, the feeling and power given with each song has led to four other OLP releases: “Clumsy” in 1997, “Happiness Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch” in 1999, “Spiritual Machines” in 2001 and “Gravity” in 2002.A

Each of the band’s first three CDs received critical acclaim throughout Canada and the United States. In each of the three CDs, there was a hit song that made the Top 10 Modern Rock and Active Rock lists. “Clumsy” and “Happiness” were top grossing CDs in Canada.

Among the first three CDs, the most critical acclaim came from “Clumsy.” Selling over 2 million copies and reaching the platinum mark in American sales, “Clumsy” contained four top 10 hits in both Canada and the United States.

Despite success in these past years, it took the erie theme of “Spiritual Machines” to receive current radio recognition and spawn a hit single called “Life,” which hit stations with a powerful theme of life’s preciousness.

Taking the lead from the radio presence of “Life,” the new hit “Somewhere Out There” has taken Our Lady Peace to a new level, from a barely known band to a consistently heard band. Our Lady Peace’s radio presence has reached the extent of every rock station’s current rotation.

Though “Somewhere Out There” may be a hit, it is not “Gravity’s” only impacting song. “Gravity marks a new chapter for OLP,” states Duncan Coutts. In other words, “Gravity” has captured the energy and impact of vocalist Raine Medias’ live voice within the CD.

Known for an unbelievable performance, Our Lady Peace’s current CD is a new and even better experience than previous albums.

With the combination of an unexpected opener in Greenwheel and unbelievable wonder in Our Lady Peace, this Saturday will surely be a date that you will not forget.