Bond: 40 years of girls, gadgets and action

Genevieve Leon

After 40 years of action-packed chase scenes and kinky love affairs, the most intelligent and influential movie series of all time can be symbolized in one man: Bond … James Bond. The elegant, sharp-tongued Brit has returned to woo fanatical women around the world for the most audacious Bond movie yet — “Die Another Day.”

Pierce Brosnan returns from a short hiatus after filming for “The World Is Not Enough” to captivate audiences around the world in his fourth and final appearance as Bond.

If men think they are missing out, they have another thing coming – Halle Berry, that is. Fans will watch Berry make her debut as the new Bond girl when she seductively walks out of the ocean in a throwback bikini, morphing into a modern day version of “Dr. No’s” vixen, Ursula Andress. The only difference is that Berry’s character, Jinx, is the first of her kind in the entire Bond series to be a strong, female equivalent of the man himself. Her character brings effectiveness and brain cells to the perfect damsel-in-distress image of a Bond girl.

To hit the big 4-0 with a “bang,” expect to see Bond in the most elaborate production of the series yet, as over $100 million was invested in the latest installment.

The film escapes to some of the most nouveau-glam places in the world. We’ll see Brosnan on the undercover job in Cuba, Iceland and Korea. Hotter locales can only mean more sophisticated stunts, props and characters.

Audiences will be propelled into speedier chases (one on an iceberg in Iceland), feast their eyes upon more coveted spy-gear and even loathe the introduction to more down-to-earth bad guys.

New product placement will curiously stand out as James Bond orders his classic martini, in classic debonair fashion, mixed with Finlandia vodka as opposed to his tried-and-true Smirnoff.

As far as the plot, audiences should expect a twist on the secret agent formula for movies. Fans will be pleasantly surprised with the intriguing thriller coming our way. the twist lies in a betrayal by one of Bond’s own people.

Conspiracy and deception force Bond to pose the question: When you can trust no one, can you even trust yourself? Aside from deviation in hackneyed plot lines, bits and pieces of early Bond movies have been refreshed and will make discreet cameo appearances in the new thriller, commemorating a relentless 40 years of the sexiest character alive. Bond fans, prepare yourselves.