Bond: Bond rocks the music scene

Genevieve Leon

From slinky silhouettes to suggestively smoking guns, Bond’s claim to fame is that secret-agent, mystery-man theme: the deep, striking guitar riff that has become synonymous with the breathtaking presence of 007 himself. The catchy tune has been hummed for decades since its debut in the 1962 opening of “Dr. No.” The melody continues to accompany Bond as he explodes onto a screen near you.

In addition, each movie has a unique title theme to accompany the Bond movies’ introductions of scantily presented women with sleek spy gear and revolvers, captivating audiences year after year for its sheer lack of modesty. The imaginative nature of these introductions are often the distinguishing factors of the action-crammed Bond classics, forever ingraining the image of beautiful bodies morphing in abstract dream-like scenes to a carefully chosen song.

The newest theme song tagging along with this year’s freshest Bond release, “Die Another Day,” is sung by the one and only Madonna. The single was aired globally on Oct. 11, usurping the No. 3 spot in the top 40 UK charts. Although the single teased us to believe it would begin dominating charts, it took an unexpected dip into the No.12 spot just a week later. Reviews deem this single as a harmonious match to its introduction scene in the movie, but is labeled as having a unique sound compared to previous leading Bond melodies.

The complete “Die Another Day” soundtrack hit music shelves on Nov. 12, displaying a rather eclectic compilation compared to the revered Bond “sound.” David Arnold has returned to score his third consecutive Bond film, providing scene-by-scene music magic for the last two Bond flicks: “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “The World Is Not Enough.” Arnold inched his way around incorporating full-blown pump-up sequences in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” improving this addition of electronic beats significantly in “The World is Not Enough.” With a third opportunity to polish off yet another Bond flick, Arnold has appropriately preserved some sophisticated orchestral sound and reserved warp-speed rhythms for the most paramount chase scenes yet presented by the Bond franchise. Latin percussion also makes its way into the soundtrack as Bond escapes to Cuba, only adding to the sassy, cultured sound Arnold achieves. This international man of mystery will tango all the way to victory with this high-speed lifestyle and soundtrack.