‘Power In No Other Name’: ’96 grad shares his secret to ‘making the connection’

Melissa Leach

m classes, tests, projects and papers to jobs and extra-curricular activities; the pressure to balance it all is a job in itself. On top of everything we are in the midst of discovering ourselves and the world around us. For many of us, we are on a journey — a faith journey. Here at Villanova we have the privilege of a rich Catholic tradition tincludes the ability to learn, worship and praise God. We have the opportunity, if we so choose, to take part in the learning, worshipping and praising of God. For many of us, it is our foundation as many of us are still growing in our faith and still discovering our place in this world. For one young man, the journey to his calling as a minister of Christ started here, during his time at Villanova.

Steve Hannett was just a sophomore here at Villanova when he discovered a lump in his neck while shaving. He would soon find out that this lump was cancerous, and he would soon find out that the power of his life was about to change forever. Steve’s life changed dramatically. Radiation treatments were taking a toll on his body, mind and spirit. He was unable to swallow his own spit or walk to class without stopping to rest. Sadly, the radiation had left scars not only his chest, but his heart. He felt he needed something more powerful than medicine. He sought out his faith. Sitting on the beach one day he called out to God for answers.

Soon after his plea to God, Hannett went to see a martial arts instructor named Grand Master Dong Jin Kim. He had exhausted all other avenues and was tired and frustrated. He thought marital arts might bring him some inner peace. He explained his sickness to Kim and simply asked: “Can you help me?” Much to Hannett’s surprise Kim said “no.”

“Well, can you at least give me some books or some sort of instruction that I can take to try and teach myself?” “Yes,” Kim replied, “I have one book for you.” As he said this, he slid a Bible across the table. Steve was puzzled. Kim said, “The answer to your problem is right here. Read.” He began to read the words in front of him. They came alive and for the first time the Bible made sense. “It was as if God was speaking directly to me,” Hannett said. Something inside him stirred and for the first time, he was making a connection with God. He finally felt the power of faith.

Not long after his meeting with Grand Master Kim, Hannett went to see his doctors. They were stunned. Not a trace of cancer could be found in his body. It was medically unexplainable, but Steve knew it wasn’t a coincidence. It was a miracle. He had made the connection. He had been a practicing Catholic, but he had never connected with God. He had never felt as if he could speak to God much less have an intimate relationship with him. But, now he could. And he realized that God had been with him all along, patiently waiting for him to realize that every day, through scripture.

Hannett was so inspired by this revelation that he made it his life ministry to let others know of the power that comes frommaking a connection to God. “I’m no one special,” he said, “just an ordinary guy who made the connection.” He went on to explain that God will take care of us. “What do you call the son or daughter of king?” he asked.” Princesses and princes. And princes and princesses receive everything they need, for they are the children of the king.” He continued, “God is the King and we are his children. Therefore we are his princes and princesses.”

Recently Hannett has published a book entitled “Power In No Other Name” recalling his own story as well as many others who have overcome illnesses from cancer and stress through their relationship with God. The book details steps one can take to conquer his or her own life’s struggles. “Discover the truth about Jesus’ sacrifice and what it meant when he declared on the cross, ‘It is finished.’ Then use this book as a step-by-step guide to take action against the strongholds in your life. This faith-building book includes practical life application tips that will help you get started living a life of freedom,” describes the book review on borders.com.

Join Hannett and Grand Master Dong Jin Kim in an incredible journey. Learn how you can make that connection, realize the strength within yourself and the power that comes when you stop walking lost in this world and start taking time to chat with God. It to will change your life forever.

To learn more about Steve Hannett or to purchase his book visit www. conquerorsinchrist.org.