Women fall to No. 24 Notre Dame

Anne Boyd

After a suspenseful game, the Lady Wildcats left the court two short of a victory against Notre Dame Saturday.

Dozens of little girls were holding up signs cheering for their idols during the home game and despite the loss, lined up for autographs after the contest.

The competition kept fans on their feet until the last second when La’Tania Severe’s foul shot put Noter Dame up leaving the final score 58-56.

Notre Dame played tough defense, forced the Lady ’Cats to rely on outside shots.

The Wildcats did not become flustered or distracted by the defense the Fighting Irish put on them, instead, the ’Cats just took the outside shots and challenged Notre Dame on the other end of the court.

Rebounds were the team’s strong point in this game. Courtney Mix had 13 rebounds and four blocks, leading the team in both categories.

With the score at 17-6, Notre Dame fouled ’Nova, giving it possession of the ball.

Once again ’Nova was forced to take a last minute, outside shot. Mix had the ball as the shot clock was in the final three seconds, and from nearly the half-court line swished in the shot for three.

Two minutes left in the first half, Trish Juhline knocked in a three-pointer, making the score 19-23.

After a Villanova time out, Notre Dame had possession.

The referee called a questionable foul on Jana Rediger, but even after an appeal by head coach Harry Perreta, Notre Dame still took the two shots, both good.

With little more than a minute left in the first half, Betsy McManus fired up a three-pointer narrowing the gap. With Perreta screaming “Go for the ball!” from the sidelines, Mix took a three in the final seconds making half-time score 25-29.

Just minutes into the second half, the difference in scores widened to as large as 10 at one point. But with about five minutes left in he game, things started to pick up. Mix went up for two. Shortly after, Notre Dame fouled, giving ’Nova possession, which led to a shot from Juhline. With the score at 48-51 and just over two minutes left, Juhline hit a three, tying the game at 51. With about one minute left, Notre Dame scored. Then, with 27 seconds left on the clock, Mix was fouled and made one of her two shots. ’ Nova fouled the Fighting Irish, giving Notre Dame opportunity to shoot two. The two shots brought the score to 57-54.With just seconds left, Katie Davis went up for two.

Fans were on the edge of their seats, the score was now 56-57 and Notre Dame had possession. After a foul, Courtney Lavere took her shot, clinching the game for the Fighting Irish by a final score at 58-56.

Thursday’s game against Penn State gave the women their 14th win when the ranked Wildcats upset the No. 13 Lions 73-66 in overtime.

Villanova overcame a nine point deficit with just minutes left in the game, which led the game into overtime.

With the score at 56-47, Juhline sank both her foul shots, starting a streak for the Wildcats. Nicole Druckenmiller scored six during the run. After several more baskets, the girls tied the Lions at 62, which sent the game into overtime.

With three minutes left, the ’Cats took the lead after a powerful drive from Mix. Shortly after, Davis made a lay-up, then later four foul shots which won the game for the ’Cats. Davis finished with 15, Juhline with 12, and Drukenmiller with 11.

The Wildcats played Wednesday night against UConn, but results were not available as of press time. The women play next at Miami Saturday at 7 p.m.