A sweet tooth for DailyCandy

Megan Donoghue

It’s morning in New York, Los Angeles and London, and the hippest of professionals are running to work with their favorite java-jolted beverage in hand. They are all anxious to read DailyCandy’s e-mail.

What is the story behind the sugar? The ultimate sweet tooth herself, Dany Levy, is responsible for the creation of the website. She is a master at trend-spotting who also happens to be extremely qualified in delivering treats.

Log on to www.dailycandy.com and find a reference to her dentist and the condition of Levy’s pearly whites — 14 cavities?!? Perhaps she is a little too into her candy.

The state of her chompers indicates that Levy’s career has certainly been sweet. She is credited with revamping and editing the Sales and Bargains section of New York Magazine, along with creating the GothamStyle section.

She has also written for The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living and Time Out New York.

Throughout every stage of Dany Levy’s professional life, a sugar high of sorts propels her to the next level.

The ultimate level is DailyCandy — Levy’s website dedicated to the newest and latest drinks, food, beauty, fashion, fun, arts and culture in New York, Los Angeles and London. Some subscribers crave the candy in all three — who says you actually have to live there anyway?

If your digs are outside the realm of these urban meccas, don’t despair — simply sign up and indulge yourself daily.

After all, even if geography prevents you from attending Barney’s annual blowout sale in New York, you can still enjoy reading about the new, ultra-small digital camera that is easily mistaken for a credit card.

DailyCandy subscribers are greeted each morning with a sweet something occurring in the city or cities for which they have signed up. This could be anything from sugar-coated stuff hitting store shelves to highly anticipated restaurant openings that serve up much more than candy, along with completely random tidbits that never claim to prevent tooth decay.

On the website, Levy calls for “jaded urbanites, tourists and anyone suffering from boredom or low blood sugar to REJOICE!”

So where does the DailyCandy Team find such decadence? Subscribers may wonder if there is a link between the items featured in the quirky, newsy updates and the money Levy’s website makes. As the founder and chairwoman of Daily Candy, she responds to such queries with a loud, resounding “no.”

Considering that subscribers get their daily fix for free, the website only makes money through advertising, strategically placed around every e-mail.

DailyCandy’s yummy audience also finds banners and sponsored links that are indeed paid for.

On occasion, savvy candy lovers will receive a “DailyCandy Dedicated E-mail” that is not to be confused with the sweet treat of the day, as it is clearly marked.

The editorial team shares Levy’s addiction and together they hunt for the “crème de la crème” of urban existence. The candy crew selects things because they like them and make it clear on the website that “we do not make a dime off your meal at a restaurant we’ve reviewed nor a penny from the sale of the latest accessory.”

Suddenly inspired to have a lollipop? Visit www.dailycandy.com and satisfy your desire.