Senior Steps: Graduate with help from alumni friends

Will Yarnell

With graduation looming on the horizon and “real world” opportunities knocking on your door, there is no better time than the present to get acquainted with the Villanova Alumni Association. The VAA is not only your lifelong connection to the Villanova community, but is also a direct link to more than 65,000 alumni in 60 local chapters around the world.

As the year comes to an end, you will no longer be a senior in the Class of 2003, but instead a Villanova alumni, and bearer of all the rights and privleges that come with that title. Get involved immediately with your chapter, as it hosts great local and national events throughout the year for post-graduation fun.

The VAA is the best source for alumni activities, such as intramural sports teams, golf outings, football tailgates, Basketball Nights with Coach Wright, local alumni boat cruises, trips to Europe and the Caribbean, wine tastings, Habitat for Humanity projects and alumni masses.

Aside from events and networking opportunities, the VAA connects you to benefits including travel opportunities, insurance programs including renters’ and short-term health and a low interest rate credit card through MBNA.

As you can see, there is something for just about everyone. In order to take full advantage of the benefits and events, to receive monthly eNews and event invitations, simply keep your contact information up to date! Contact the Villanova Alumni Association at 1-800-VILLANOVA or at www.alumni.

Interested in getting involved right away? Check out the following local events:

n Networking Night, Doylestown, Pa: Feb. 20. Meet local business leaders, alumni and University representatives at Maxwell’s Restaurant.

n Engineering Alumni Society Dinner: June 6. Gather with engineering leaders from around the country for this annual reception and awards ceremony.

n Greater Philadelphia Golf Outing: May 19. Hit the links with alumni in the area at one of the top public courses. Family still in town? Bring them along!

n Homecoming 2003: October 25 – 27.

Visit our web site at for additional events, including information on how to get involved in the 2003 New Student Receptions and details regarding the Alumni Shore Bash in Avalon, N.J., scheduled for this summer.

Enjoy your remaining time at Villanova and look forward for the great times to come post-graduation as a member of the Villanova Alumni Association.