Senior dance returns to Jersey Shore

David Saenz

This year’s senior dinner dance will be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center on May 12.

Tickets for the event will be on sale from March 31 until April 4 in the West Lounge of Dougherty Hall. Students can also rent tuxedos at this time.

Students wishing to spend the night in Atlantic City will be able to rent rooms in the Atlantic City Sheraton adjoining the convention center.

The dance, which is usually held on the Saturday of senior week, was delayed two days because the convention center had already been booked for the preferred date.

John Jeffery, assistant director for Leadership Development and Greek Affairs, plays a large role in planning the event and expressed the importance of holding the dinner dance during senior week.

He said the University chose May 12 because all students will be done with class and “most, if not all, athletic events [will] have concluded.”

Jeffery indicated that holding the dance on Monday will not cause major changes in senior week, saying, “We’ll just rearrange the order [of senior week events].” Possible senior week events include a trip to Dave and Buster’s, a baseball game in either New York or Baltimore and a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure.

Additionally, Jeffery indicated that there were no major problems with student behavior at last year’s senior dinner dance, which was also held at the Convention Center.

He said, “There were some minor incidents, but we had no complaints from the hotel.”

The Philadelphia Marriott canceled its contract to host last year’s dinner dance because of poor student behavior at the event in 2001.