What’s the Word

Delta Delta Delta

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you to Michele Brown, our Philanthropy Chair, for organizing the send-a-kiss fundraiser. You did a great job and it was a huge success! Also, a special thanks to all the new members for making and delivering the mini packages. Happy birthday Ashley Curran!

Pi Beta Phi

Great job to Jess for all the hard work she put into Singled Out. It was such a great success. Thank you to all the organizations that came out and supported us in our philanthropy! Amazing job Meredith on planning the Beaux and Arrow Date Dance. It was so much fun and we all had a great time! Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our awesome new members! Get excited for the retreat coming up next weekend!

Delta Gamma

Congratulations to Delta Gamma Carrie Neff on being a prime date on Singled Out Pi Beta Phi style and Kevin Noller for being the anchorman of the month. Also remember to send your flowers and weeds by Friday! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of Delta Gamma.

Chi Omega

Happy Valentine’s Day Girls! Chi O loves you! Great job in Singled Out … you rock! And get excited for Bigs and Littles!

Up ‘Til Dawn

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Captain’s Meeting on Wednesday — we hope that the additional fundraising ideas will be helpful for those teams who haven’t quite reached their fundraising goal. If you weren’t able to make the meeting, the information is available in the Greek Affairs Office. The fundraising deadline is March 10, so $600 per team of 6 people or $100 per person must be turned in by that date in order to attend the finale event. The finale event will be held on March 15 — so keep up the good work!

Alpha Phi Omega

Thank you to all you Thugs for showing up at the Mansion. Hope you had a good time. Also, thank you for selling, buying, and eating those lollipops. The fundraiser was a big success.