Letters to the Editor

Congratulations to women’s teamTo the editors:I just wanted to express my heartfelt praise for the women’s basketball team. They have fans and alum coast to coast (even Seattle!) proud of at least one ‘Nova basketball team. Congrats ladies!John BochanskiClass of 2002Oreo vandals apologizeTo the editors:Phi Sigma Kappa would like to offer an apology to the faculty, staff, and students of Villanova University for the harm we caused to the Oreo before spring break. We did not mean any harm to the campus by putting cookies onto the Oreo. The Oreo is a symbol of our school and our attempt at a practical joke was not well thought out. This joke was not only in poor taste, but it also lacked respect for the Villanova University community as a whole. It was not our intention to cause permanent damage to the statue. We are in cooperation with the University to restore the artwork and repay the University for the damages we have caused. Again, we would like to apologize to the campus and let everyone know that we did not mean any disrespect or to do permanent damage to the University or its property.The Brothers of Phi Sigma KappaPatrick Jacxsens, PresidentFans: Be vocal, but show classTo the editors:As a veteran Villanova basketball fan, I write with some observations and exhortations regarding the recent performance of some Villanova fans.First, don’t boo your own team. I was shocked when this happened (I would say for the first time ever) in the last season under coach Lappas after an error-plagued first half of play. On our home court! I’ve heard boos twice so far this season, and I’m not the only one who has heard them. When coach Wright, after a recent victory, reflected on all the team had experienced this year, he began by saying, “When you think of all we’ve been through this year: being booed by our fans….” I think it should be a moral absolute for any true Villanova fan: you don’t boo your own team. Second, cheer more. I’m talking principally about students in the stands. The cheerleaders seem competent and hard-working, performing some amazing (and somewhat frightening) acrobatics. The band, dance team, Wildcat, etc. are fine. The fans themselves, however, are not very vocal. The fans are supposed to be your “sixth man,” but too often the sixth man is not really heard from. This can change and should change.Third, have some class. Vulgar chants are not only poor lobbying tactics with referees, but they also come off as crude and ignorant. What is even worse are chants aimed at a particular opposition player that are often tasteless, unfair and even vicious. A recent example would be chanting “convict” at Ben Gordon of the University of Connecticut.The strongest tradition among Villanova fans is that they are supportive, vocal and classy. Let’s enhance that tradition, and also remember to support the outstanding work again this year by Coach Perretta and the Villanova women’s team. Dr. Rodger Van AllenDepartment of Theology and Religious Studies