Break out your letters: Greek Week

Babette Ford

on March 31, you can almost feel the Greek community’s energy heighten. A week of good-spirited, high-energy activities sets the whole community abuzz. This is a time for the different sorority and fraternity chapters of the Villanova Greek community to come out and show their enthusiasm.

Performing at their peak is always important to Greek athletes because it reflects the pride that they have in their chapters. Some events do not demand as much practice, but still others call for many members of the team to work together. Many traditional events such as flag football and skit night have had the Greek chapters practicing for weeks.

“Although we have been practicing everyday for flag football, it’s not all about winning,” Kate McCormick, sorority enthusiast and Greeklife guru says.

I mean, that’s a bonus, but it’s really about having a good time with my sisters,” she continues. But the Greek community is not the only set of enthusiasts for this upcoming event. Many non-Greek Villanovans also enjoy the festivities of the upcoming week. These students look forward to watching the antics of Greek students and cheering their friends on from the sidelines.

“Despite not being a member of the Greek community, I still get all pumped up to go cheer for all of the Greek teams!” sophomore Kielan Farrell said. Kielan just goes to show that you do not have to be Greek in order to come out and have some fun.

Greek Week is run by both students and faculty who come together to create this great week of competition. It is evident that students and faculty alike both enjoy and are proud of the efforts put forth by the Greek participants because there are always so many spectators.

Last year Greek Week was a definite high point for the Greek community at Villanova and there is no reason to think that this year will be any different.