Is ‘Gigli’ the secret romance movie of 2003?

Katherine Mottola

Instead of pelting you with cliché’s (i.e. don’t judge a book by its cover), or preaching about unmerited rash judgments (which is more cruel and unusual), I am merely going to advocate the idea of coming to one’s own conclusions. Thinking for oneself, instead of hastily agreeing with others, is a rare commodity these days.

I’m going to risk crossing the line of advocating, to actually challenging you to disregard the bad press surrounding the movie “Gigli” and go see it for yourself. Sidestep the negative criticism (it that’s possible) and don’t write off the film without giving it half a chance.

“Gigli” is a romantic comedy; however it’s far from being your typical “Pretty Woman” or “Notting Hill.” It stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, along with newcomer Justin Bartha, and a few guest cameos. The movie was filmed before Affleck and Lopez were reportedly together, in fact, she was still married to back-up dancer Chris Judd at the time. However, Lopez and Affleck have amazing on-screen chemistry which further complements the rest of the story.

The film brings out the concepts of escaping one’s unhappiness in life, allowing oneself to love, and helps to discover the raw, cut and bruised image of the characters, it’s an autopsy where you can see the true skeleton of a person. It also includes the classic theme of having the protagonist surprisingly learn more from the weaker character, all the while incorporating bites of comedic pleasure throughout the drama.

The film includes a delightfully witty monologue about the male and female sexes, performed by Lopez, which keeps the audience satisfied. Seeing a film without any prior knowledge about the characters or plot can be exhilarating. So I challenge you to see this movie and form you own opinion about its success. Give “Gigli” a chance.