Professors make house calls



Michael Lucarz

Freshman year can present strenuous situations to even the most prepared new arrivals. With the introduction of Student Life’s new House Calls initiative Wednesday night, freshmen had the opportunity to discuss their concerns without even leaving their dorm rooms.

Several University administrators, professors and coaches dedicated their night to visiting every freshman room with the goal of addressing problems and getting student feedback.

“The general concept is to have coaches, faculty and various University administrators go to all freshman residence halls and discuss some of the issues they feel are important,” Dean of Students Paul Pugh said. “We will come with certain expectations, then let them take it on their own and discuss goals. We hope to build on positive things like good roommate relations, helpful RAs and an overall sense of community here at Villanova.”

According to Pugh, House Calls hopes to achieve three specific goals. The first goal, he said “is achieving a sense of community among all freshmen, reinforcing the Augustinian ideals that Villanova was founded upon.”

Pugh continued, “The second aim is to isolate certain common problem areas which seem to resurface each year, while the third consists of building on the positive things unique to each student.”

As part of the incentive to entice freshmen to participate in the program, Student Development raffled away a DVD player, a $300 gift certificate to the University Shop and a ticket package that included free seats to each men’s home basketball game.

“We hope to see a positive response from the freshmen student body,” Pugh said. “Our goal is to make House Calls a common and familiar idea among the students, so we have high expectations.”

Katharine Hall resident Rob Mida expressed enthusiasm for the program. “I thought it was a really great way to hang out and talk about things,” he said. “I’ve already seen a community vibe here at ‘Nova so it was nice to talk about it with people who feel the same way.”

The University hopes House Calls becomes an annual event.